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Reign of Fury
Death Be Thy Shepherd
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 27 February, 2015
Playing time: 59:00

Sometimes you read something about a band what makes you very curious. I read some nice words in a magazine about the new album of U.K. based thrash combo Reign of Fury. In 2012 the band released 'World Detonation', a good album, but somehow it didn't impress me so much that I was overwhelmed by it back then. Curious as I am, I listened to that album once again and I must admit that it is a nice record, but it doesn't have the same class yet as 'Death Be Thy Shepherd'. Almost everything on this new album has improved. The album sounds better, the songs are more interesting, the guitar melodies a little less Iron Maiden like and also singer Bison Steed has developed his singing. Imagine a James Hetfield that can really sing and you have an idea of what to expect from Bison. He even places a grunt on occasion.

The album starts with an over 9 minute track, that doesn't bore me at any moment. There are not a lot of thrash bands that can write such a long track without losing my attention at all. Sure you hear riffs reminding of the big U.S. thrash bands in the eighties like Metallica and Testament, but when halfway twin guitars and a solo passes by in Dragonforce style they got me convinced that this is the new thrash hope for the U.K., Evile and Sylosis have to watch out for them! Critics will say for sure that some songs have a lot in common with Metallica in their 'Ride' and 'Master' period, but come on, Metallica hasn't written songs like Reign of Fury does on this album since then. If Lars hears a ballad like "All Is Lost" or the closing title track he wished it would be his...

Besides some really heavy riffing and the gang shoutings, the melodic and fast guitar soli are another big advantage, John Priestley and Ed Fury Westlake are excellent musicians and all is completed by the tight rhytmn section of Paul Bielby (bass) and Magic Dave on drums. "Gates of Sanity" is a thrash granate with riffs in Slayer mode, but due to the singing style of Bison and the melodic parts never sounds like a copy. Another highlight for me is "The Love of a Dying God". At the beginning the combi of the drumming and the guitar riff sounds a bit against the grain, but it sounds great and after that it turns out into a mid eighties Metallica/Overkill sounding fast track completed with gang shoutings. The intro of the last track shows that early Metallica is a big influence of the band, but compared with Evile the band sounds a lot more original and interesting in my opinion. The combination of melody, crushing riffs and the interesting solos in well written songs make the difference. Because my colleague writers rate albums they like with figures between the 95 and 100 on a regular base, I can't stay behind in doing also to let you readers know that this band really means business and that this 'Death Be Thy Shepherd' will be one of the best thrash albums this year.

For early eighties thrash fans that like good melodies and well written songs - this is a must buy!

01. Faustian Mastery
Harbringer of Decay
Hypnotise the Masses
Gates of Sanity
05. All Is Lost
The Love of a Dying God
Sorrow Made Flesh
Death Be Thy Shepherd
Label: Independent
Distribution: Moshtuneage
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 7 March, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/reignoffury