Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Melodic hard rock / AOR
Release date: 17 April, 2015
Playing time: 57:35

"Radioactive" is the brainchild of the songwriter, producer and guitar master Tommy Denander. His work within the melodic rock/AOR scene is matched by almost nobody alive and he has been working with names like; Steve Perry, Bobby Kimball, Richard Page, Michael McDonald, Jimi Jamison, Joe Lynn Turner, Tommy Funderburk, Graham Bonnet, Joseph Williams, Fergie Frederiksen, Robin Beck, Fee Waybill, Bill Champlin, Kelly Keagy, Dan Reed, Joey Tempest, Harry Hess, Stan Bush, Jim Peterik, Jeff Scott Soto, Mitch Malloy, Fiona, Chris Ousey, Steve Overland, Robert Hart, Jim Jidhed and Gary Barden to bands like Prisoner, Rainmaker, Talisman, Phenomena, The Poodles, H.E.A.T, Houston, Street Talk, Talk Of The Town, Spin Gallery, Sha-Boom, Mecca, AOR, Rage Of Angels, Liberty & Justice, Silver, Lion's Share, Ambition and so on!!! Tommy started his own project called Radioactive way back in 1991 and has so far only released 3 albums, but all three are classy productions and are highly praised by both media and all fans of AOR/melodic rock.

After ten years of work it's time to release Radioactives album called 'F4ur'. With vocalists like Jimi Jamison, Bobby Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, Jeff Paris, Dan Reed, Jeff Paris, David Roberts, Steve Walsh, James Christian and Robin Beck and I'm thrilled. Tommy never release an album before everything is perfect and this album is no exception. A flawless production (as always) from the hands of Mr. Denander. The first song 'Summer Rains ' is sung by wonderful Jimi Jamieson (Survivor), who sadly left us 2014. This is a beautiful melodic track and I get tears in my eye's of affections when I listen to Jimi's gentle voice. Damn, I miss his tone. I'm so happy that Tommy did record these beautiful songs while Jimi and Fergie still was alive and kicking. 'Back to the Game' is sung by the excellent singer Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) who also left us last year and this song is a true melodic rock gem. Fergie sings on 'Just a Man' and is one of the absolute top tracks on the album.

Jeff Paris is a American vocalist/guitarist who started his career in the jazz rock group Pieces. He subsequently played with a number of similar bands on a short-term basis, and built up a reputation as a fine backing vocalist and talented songwriter. He worked with Cinderella, Y&T, Vixen and Lita Ford back in the fine 80's. On this album he sings on two songs. (Beautiful Lies and Start All Over). Both songs is brilliant AOR music and Jeff's vocals is a perfect match to Denanders musical ideas. On 'The Piper' is Steve Walsh from 'Kansas' the singer and the song is a half progressive rock and half hard rocking up-tempo song. The Canadian vocalist David Roberts is the singer on 'Alibis'. (He released a disc in 1982 called 'All Dressed Up' with all the Toto members and is a well hidden gem to all lovers of melodic rock.) It's very pleasant to listen to his fine voice again. A magnificint choice of singer to this lovely song.

Tommy has a old friendship and deep connection to Robin Beck and James Christian family and on 'When the Silence Gets Too Loud' is the marvelous Robin Beck the vocal star. This is song is superb. Next guest singer on F4UR is the multi-instrumentalist Jean Beauvoir, most known as the leader in The Plastmatics in the 80's and The Ramones producer. On 'You’ll Find the Fire' he sings likes he always been an AOR musican.

Tommys old friend and ex.Toto's vocal giant Bobby Kimball gives us the best track on F4OR in 'Heart Comes Alive'. Strong vocals and amazing guitars! The gentle track 'If Only My Memory Could Lie' is sung by Dan Reed and is a easy going song with smooth rythms and crystal clear production. Robin Becks husband James Christian (House of Lords) sings on the heaviest track on the album. 'Give Me Your Loving' is a strong hard rock song with spices of HoL. I love this disc because it has a tasty mix of mature rock with a interesting list of vocalists and slick guitars and a tracklist with 100% top songs. Like on all songs on this album is all the guitar work monumental masterpieces. The disc closes with a instrumental tribute to the fallen voices of Fergie and Jimi.

If you like adult rock music or already are a fan of Radioactives delicate hard rock, this is a album to check out!

01. Summer Rains
Back to the Game
Beautiful Lies
The Piper
When the Silence Gets Too Loud
You’ll Find the Fire
Heart Come Alive
Start All Over
If Only My Memory Could Lie
11. Just a Man
12. Give Me Your Loving
13. Memoriam
Label: Escape Music
Distribution: Sound Pollution
Artwork rating: 89/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 12 April, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/radioactive