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Project Pain
Thrashed To Kill
Style: Thrash
Release date: 30 April, 2015
Playing time: 42:00

The second album of this Dutch thrash band. In 2012 they released 'I Have Sinned', which can be downloaded free at their bandcamp site. The new album is good, although you will not find an original riff or singing line, it is pure thrash in the vein of Slayer and Testament. I wonder if the title is a blink to "Dressed to Kill", or just a funny combination of it with "Pleasure to Kill". Not that it matters, it sure doesn't  make a surprise of what you can expect on this album. 

The production is open, but heavy and the musicians burst with enthusiasm. Bauke Goudbeek his voice has a lot in common with Tom Araya and the style he uses is also rather the same. The riffs sound tight, the drumming in Dave Lombardo style and the guitar harmonies make me think a lot of Testament. Listen to the beginning of "Necrophiliac" and you have to admit that it could be the debut album of Testament.

This is thrash how it should sound, recognizable, good perfomed and with lyrics and titles as original as the 'hails and kills' of Manowar. No doubt you will be shouting along with "Necrophiliac", bang your head to "Piss On Your Grave", hold your fist in the air with "Thrashed To Kill" and create a moshpit during "Taken By Force". In that last song Josh Christian (Toxik) is playing a guest solo. I'm not going to spoil more words to this review, because it is what it is.

Pure old school thrash, for people that like the aggression and style of Slayer combined with the melody of Testament.

01. Betrayal
Piss On Your Grave
Zero Tolerance
Sent Off To Die
Fear the Reaper
Flatline Invasion
Thrashed To Kill
At Dawn We Ride
Taken By Force
Label: FA Records
Distribution: Bertus
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 29 April, 2015
Website: www.project-pain.nl