Power of Metal.dk Review

Paradise Lost
The Plague Within
Style: Dark Gothic Metal
Release date: 1 June, 2015
Playing time: 50:27

Songs like "Our Saviour", "Shattered" and "As I Die" are real diamonds in my humble opinion and I can mention a lot more, all from their first albums. The albums "Icon" and "Draconian Times" were quite good also, but after that I lost interest. Nick Holmes' his grunts disappeared and the songs got less heavy with every next album. After releasing a CD called 'Drown In Darkness - the Early Demos' in 2009, they found the way back up again with 'Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us'. On 'Tragic Idol', the songs were a tad heavier again also, but I did not expect the step they took with this new album 'The Plague Within'.

 "No Hope In Sight"  is a rather slow opener with the typical Paradise Lost guitar sound and has a tragic melancholic atmosphere. After his 'normal' singing style the song gets heavier near the end and Nick's mighty grunts  return. On this album Nick's grunting is back for a big part and that, in combination with the heavier songs, makes this album a return to their roots. After that, "Terminal" with aggressive grunting and the doomy track "An Eternity Of Lies" make me think of their 'Gothic' and 'Shades of God' albums. "Punishment Through Time" has a same kind of groovy rhythmn and riff as "Pity the Sadness" of the 'Shades' albums and is one of my favorite tracks.

For the fifth song, I have to warn you! When you are already a little sad and desperate, you better skip this one. With a slow riff Black Sabbath would be jealous of, this song can drag you into an eternal valley of tears. The next one is more mellow, has some violins and Nick varies his singing style. "Victim Of the Past" you might know already from YouTube. They played that song live in Bulgaria in a theatre with an orchestra a while ago.

Then the most heavy track "Flesh From The Bone" tortures my living room. After a slow start, it carries on in black metal style and Nick growls and grunts of old. I remember reading a review in which the writer compared this song with bands like Triptykon and even old Mayhem and I have to admit he is right. "Cry Out" is a nice grooving track with a kind of stoner riff and bands like Crowbar and Orange Goblin aren't far away, yet it still sounds like Paradise Lost. The final track opens with a choir and orchestration and has the perfect gloomy atmosphere we know from Paradise Lost. Greg Mackintosh's typical howling guitar leads, solos and riffs see to it that this album ends in the same spooky ambience as it started.

With this new album, Paradise Lost is back with new songs that create the same gloomy and desperate atmosphere as their early nineties stuff.

01. No Hope In Sight
An Eternity Of Lies
Punishment Through Time
Beneath Broken Earth
Sacrifice the Flame
Victim Of the Past
Flesh From Bone
Cry Out
Return To the Sun
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 30 May, 2015
Website: www.paradiselost.co.uk