Power of Metal.dk Review

Opium Lord
The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth
Style: Doom/Sludge Metal
Release date: 9 March, 2015
Playing time: 32:29

fter the Sludge movement jumped over the Atlantic it found a rich soil on the Island. The diversity of the British sludge bands reminds of the wealth and indefiniteness of the indie culture from the 90es. The multitude of paths on which the bands walk to examine the music opportunities leads to different and hard for defining results.

Comparatively recently founded band from Birmingham gathered the garage culture, the punk attitude, plenty of influences, and extreme music form. As if the slow rhythms, the emphasized bass and the aggressive vocals of the quintet meets doom metal with beatdown hardcore influences. The songs are rather short for the gender and this is one of the reasons they could hardly catch you as gender and message. The boys still experiment with music approaches without unfolding their final ideas. On the other side they cannot bore the fans of the short forms in such a way, and they can attract admirers of the idea.

The heavy riffs are combined with the slow main melody of the songs. The strong harsh sometimes expresses emotions, and sometimes remains insensible. Classic doom metal approaches meet typical for the sludge metal sound production. Echo from high guitar sound accompanies almost the whole album making it psychedelic. The feeling of something unsaid and something punkish remains in the songs. The common impression from the diverse influences reminds the stylishness, while the classic approaches carry the memory for combination of conventional rock techniques.

Decadent and progressive OPIUM LORD will be pleasant for a wide circle of fans of the hard genders in metal. For a wider circle of fans they may remain misunderstood. As if their music is frozen waiting for its own development.

01. Challenger
Pink Mass
Black Libraries
Ghost Singer
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 10 March, 2015
Website: Opium Lord @ Facebook