Power of Metal.dk Review

Ride The Beast
Style: Rock
Release date: 9 December, 2013
Playing time: 22:28

Heavy Metal is live music. It has always been like that. Yes, particularly the internet facilitates a lot of things, but Heavy Metal is still live music. You need to get out on stage! And that is also how I became aware of Naveia. They were already rocking the stage when I entered the hall and noticed how much their music impressed me. Everything was there. The energy and the hunger.

But Naveia is not just a live band though. Naveia is also perfectly able to capture this energy on their EP “Ride The Beast”. The journey starts with the intro that is a nice introduction, and then comes the first “real” song “Heavy Road” that hits the listener with its fast paced ‘let’s hit the road’ attitude. And the ride continues with the next song “Ride The Beast” where the band interrupts the sound carpet here that really adds to the listening experience. After that the band treats the listener with “Rock Till You Bleed”. The song starts with an acoustic part, but goes electric after a while. After that the listener gets to more songs of pure Rock n’Roll energy!

More of this, please!

01. Intro
02. Heavy Road
03. Ride The Beast
04. Rock Till You Bleed
05. Need Me Anymore
06. Rendevous With Death
Label: Ur-Music
Distribution: Ur-Music
Reviewed by: Markus Falkenberg
Date: 26 April 2015
Website: www.naveia.net