Power of Metal.dk Review

Nocturnal Bloodshed
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: 05 March, 2015
Playing time: 42:47

Like most Metalheads, I tend to be wary of Metal bands that have a keyboard player. Keyboards can work in Metal, but most of the time they do not. Fortunately, Mistweaver is one of those bands that make it work and it really adds to Mistweaver’s sound. Mistweaver are still a melodic Death Metal band though which means that you are in for a rough, but tasty treat. Brutal passages, where the drummer seems to be hell bent on smashing his drumkit, and melodic passages are interwoven in such a way that the listener is thrown around from one musical extreme to the other, and sometimes he is exposed to them at the same time. But this is exactly what gives melodic Death Metal its atmospheric touch that is so important to this genre.

Mistweaver follows this principle right from the beginning. The first song, for instance, is an atmospheric intro where the cries of a newborn infant are framed by an acoustics guitar and a drum sequence that adds a dark touch due to its surprisingly slow speed. Right after the intro is over, the second song kicks in without even the slightest hint of a break. You are immediately greeted by a fast paced drum sequence and the typical Death Metal growling. Also, the keyboard is used with great skill here and is allowed to add a melodic touch to the song that makes its rough parts shine even more. Death Metal is all about extremes after all.

The third song “Pandemonium” goes even further. Death Metal growling, a female background singer, keyboard sequences and several guitar solos from which also more regular Metal bands would benefit a lot.

Another noteworthy song is “End of Times,” where the female background singer gets a much more dominant role. Her clear vocals simply add something melancholic to the song, something that allows the listener to take a breath while still keeping up the mood.  

All in all, Mistweaver’s “Nocturnal Bloodshed” is simply a great listening experience that even fans who do not consider themselves full blown Death Metal fans are likely to enjoy!

01. The Birth
The Biggest Threat
Hell's Arrival
God Is Dead
Nocturnal Bloodshed
Perpetual Darkness
End of Times
Deceiver's Fall
Label: Suspiria Records
Distribution: Suspiria Records
Reviewed by: Markus Falkenberg
Date: 14 May, 2015
Website: www.mistweaver.es