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Caught in the Trap (Re-issue)
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 5 January, 2015
Playing time: 51:31

“Caught in the Trap” was the only album released by Swedish band Lynx and originally saw the light of day back in 1985. Now, No Remorse Records are giving a new generation of metal fans the opportunity to discover one of the forgotten gems of the 1980s.

Lynx have often been compared to the early albums of co-nationals Europe, mainly due to the keyboards which, while not entirely dominating the music, play a significant role in wringing added intensity from the songs. Mats Eriksson’s voice still sounds fresh and amazing – his singing has its own niche in the upper male range. The album’s musicianship is in fact of a high standard and the songs have a class that has rarely been surpassed during the 30 years interim.

‘Nightwalker’ – the song from whose lyrics the album title is derived – has more than a nod to Rainbow. The tight-sounding and irresistible ‘Nothing In Return’ feels just right for a live delivery. I could go on lauding the album but I’m sure you get the general idea by now.

In this re-issue, 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks have been added to incentivise fans to buy the album. The first, ‘In the Night’, is a live recording from a gig in 1982 and is the closest Lynx have sounded to Europe. The other 2 are demo recordings from around 1983/1984. ‘Race To Hell’ is an alternative version of ‘Final Race’ and sounds heavier, faster, more melodic and, I dare add, better. ‘Keep On Loving Me’ is another upbeat song (think of Rainbow’s ‘I Surrender’) that’s enjoyable even though it suffers from a poor sound quality. 

I’ve heard a rumour that Lynx might stage a comeback in 2015. Whether this does or does not happen, there’s always this “Caught in the Trap” to cherish the music of one of Sweden’s unsung heroes.

Line-up tracks 01 to 09:
Mats Eriksson (Mats Feretti) - vocals
Per Larsson - guitars
Mats Hermasson - keyboards
Kauno Vaattovaara - bass
Carl Moser - drums

01. My Own Way
02. Win Or Lose
03. Fingers Crossed
04. Man Without A Face
05. Don’t Fool Me
06. Final Race
07. Nothing In Return
08. Master Of Evil
09. Nightwalker
10. In The Night
(live bonus track)
11. Race To Hell
(demo bonus track)
12. Keep On Giving Me Love
(demo bonus track)
Label: No Remorse Records
Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 2 February, 2015
Website: Lynx @ No Remorse Records