Thursday, April 30rd: Slaves To Fashion, Divided Multitude, Vredehammer, Cor Scorpii, Horisont, The Carburetors (Headliner)
Friday, May 1st: Mistur, Altar Of Oblivion, Ram, In Mourning, Age Of Taurus, Taake, Swallow The Sun, Sister Sin, U.D.O., Djevel, Einherjer, Wintersun, Kvelertak (Headliner), Triosphere pay tribute to W.A.S.P.
Saturday, May 2nd: Majalis, Dynamite, The Backstreet Girls, Viper Solfa, Triosphere, Kalmah, Equilibrium, Jorn Lande/Trond Holter Dracula, Throne Of Katarsis, Hammerfall (Headliner), Arch Enemy
Location: Karm°y,
Date: April 30rd-May 2nd, 2015

At the time of writing, I'm enjoying the thought of yesterday's performances and that of today's concerts to come from my top floor apartment one stone throw away from the festival's venue; With the sound check already pounding outside the window, making me eager to follow up yesterday's success. This is what you get when attending a little festival like Karm°ygeddon. Ten years of tremendous work and dedication have led to this comeback of the festival in the organizer's hometown, Kopervik on the Western Norwegian island of Karm°y. Out of the 2000 people attending, quite a bunch have come here from Australia, the US and Germany especially to attend Karm°ygeddon Metal Festival; its notoriety is not to be justified anymore.


X 13:00 Mistur
X 13:50 Altar of Oblivion
X 14:50 Ram
X 16:30 Age of Taurus
X 18:15 Sister Sin
X 20:15 Djevel
X 01:00 Triosphere pay tribute to Wasp

X 15:40 In Mourning
X 16:45 Taake (Official)
X 17:55 Swallow The Sun
X 19:10 U.D.O. (Official)
X 20:50 Einherjer
X 22:20 Wintersun
X 23:50 Kvelertak

Mistur (NO)
With members of Vreid, ex-Windir, Kampfar 2 albums. Exist since 2003.
Great attendance for the first concert of the day. Unfortunately road traffic came in the way for seeing them. I got to hear that the set was great despite of the bad sound, which sometimes is the price you have to pay for being the first band of the day.

Altar Of Oblivion (DK)

Epic Doom. Since 2005. Demo 2007. 2 albums, 1 EP.

Ram (SW)
Gothenburg band. Since 1999. 3 albums, several splits and singles.
The day's first great live experience, RAM, is worth all the comparisons to Judas Priest, of which they are obviously greatly inspired, or Annihilator. The band delivered a solid show through their musical and communicating skills. The day's unexpected great surprise.

Age Of Taurus (UK)
Since 2009. 1 album Doom Metal.
Colliding with Taake, which I was following, I only got to see the start of the set, a very promising one. Heavy, catchy doom metal is many English bands' strength. Although this relatively young band was unknown to me, it seems that a large part of the attending audience this afternoon had booked a date with Age of Taurus.

In Mourning (SW)
Since 2000. Progressive melodic death metal. 3 albums.
A clinical sound, a rather reserved band and no "hits" after my expectations lead me to taking a food break and leaving In Mourning to the great attendance in front of their stage.

Taake (NO)
Since 1995. 6 albums.
Never compromising, delivering the one great album after the other these last years threading Western Norway's black metal tradition to a more progressive one, Taake seldom disappoint. With your "A last one, huh?", leading to two more songs, today's show was especially appreciable and went by too fast, yet not fast enough for the sound guy who turned down the PA when time was due, leaving a Hoest panting in auto-derision.

Swallow The Sun (FI)
Since 2000. 5 albums. Melodic doom/death metal.
Have gained notoriety through their discography. Prodigious musicians, active in many bands.

Sister Sin (SW)
Since 2002. 5 albums. Heavy Metal.
The front woman reminds me of a PJ Harvey heavy metal version.

U.D.O. (GE)
Since 1987. 15 albums. Legends of heavy metal.
Few bands are "metal machines" like U.D.O., although the band is not the same as last time I saw them live, Udo himself clearly has a standard of how his band should sound. Entering the tent in the middle of a song gave me the opportunity to feel how incredibly magnetic U.D.O.'s sound is. The set of only new songs wasn't the only thing that appealed to me personally. It is the combination of musicians connected as tight and precisely as a Swiss watch, extremely self-confident metal masters, and the systematic spirits of Mr. UDO. Really relieving to watch and hear; even though I was personally looking forward to a "hit" show, this is not U.D.O.'s first appearance at Karm°ygeddon. Great he follows his vision and grants the festival with his newer musical achievements.

Djevel (NO)
Black Metal. Since 2009. 3 albums.
With members of Koldbrann and Kvelertak.
Great delivery. The sound came out clearer than earlier this day, enhancing Djevel's pounding old-school hymns. Ready for more of Djevel, either live or on CD.

Einherjer (NO)
1993. 6 albums. Locals. Viking Metal.
Incredible how the stage can be set on fire by a trio. Einherjer claimed and won the Karm°ygeddon stage, that's for sure. The level of energy was high throughout the show, with highlights from their whole career. The only thing I miss is their improvising. Many songs were often too mechanically performed, perhaps due to time constraints vs. a long set.

Wintersun (FI)
Since 2003. 2 albums. Symphonic Melodic Death Metal.
Perfectionists Wintersun didn't capture my attention by their musical achievements, but the calmness of the mad drummer did. Never seen anyone have so much control of what he does while staying completely impassible on his chairs, almost as if counting sheep. Kudos!

Kvelertak (NO)
James Hetfield's international favourites raise a great moshpit and altercations on the front, as not appreciated by all. From a distance, there is no doubt Kvelertak has a great grip on their audience. I followed the band from the paradise bar of special beers. Beer connaisseur Erlend couldn't blame me for that.

Triosphere (NO) plays W.A.S.P.
Played 8 hits from WASP, perfection WASP style. Nice show musically, but more outgoing and informal would have been funnier to attend to. And the show was over too soon.


X 13:00 Majalis
X 13:50 Dynamite
X 14:45 Backstreet Girls
X 21:20 Throne Of Katarsis

X 15:45 Viper Solfa
X 16:50 Triosphere
X 17:55 Kalmah (Official)
X 19:05 Equilibrium
X 20:25 Jorn Lande / Trond Holter Dracula
X 22:00 Hammerfall (Headliner)
X 23:50 Arch Enemy

Majalis (SW)
Since 2012. EP. Post-Metal.
The little group of survivors presented at this early hour after two days of festival obviously praised Majalis' 40 minutes of enthralled music. The members of the atmospheric quarto seem to be on a personal trip, each digging the riffs in their own manner, meeting up on a fellow musical nebulas. New discovery for fans of My Dying Bride. Dynamite Heavy Metal.

Backstreet Girls (NO)
Since 1984. 14 albums. Heavy rock n' roll.
Great show as usually. Didn't attend this time.

Viper Solfa (NO)
Since 2013. Gothic/Power Metal. Ex-members of Trail of Tears, Limbonic Art, Blood Red Throne.
Have got nothing to say.

Triosphere (NO)
Since 2004. Power/Progressive Metal. 3 albums.
It was a big day for Triosphere: 10 years have gone after their first appearance at Karm°ygeddon, that also was their first gig ever. Since then, Triosphere played at Wacken, toured with Kamelot, Crimson Glory, Sonata Arctica, Arch Enemy and W.A.S.P. The performance, that was still great, was sometimes a bit mechanical, probably out of the perfectionism that has led them to where they are. Triosphere have constantly evolved in matters of style, skills and performance, so they could allow themselves to play more often live.

Kalmah (FI)
Since 1998. 7 albums. Melodic Death Metal like only Finland can make.
Great show from a band whose records I personally wouldn't listen too much to. Live, they display their specificities in terms of symphonic metal.

Equilibrium (DE)
The polka combo knows how to operate to get the crowd's full attention, a skill many bands could let themselves be inspired of.

Jorn Lande/Trond Holter Dracula (NO)
Since 2014. 1 album. Symphonic Power / Heavy Metal.

Throne of Katarsis (NO)
Since 2002. 4 albums.
The sepulchral achievements of Throne Of Katarsis have evolved considerably since the first time I saw them. It was at Karm°ygeddon as well. Already allying the darkest sides of old Mayhem, Darkthrone and other legendary references back then, the local, Kopervik based Throne of Katarsis have gained notoriety as a distinctive band, embarking on a European tour along the way; they have considerably evolved musically and in terms of performance, they have managed to top their already very accomplished live show. Tonight, they thin out every drop of their black essence and they do it with style.

Hammerfall (SW)
Power Metal. Since 1993. 9 albums.
Music you will remember, either you want it or not. Perfect party boosters for fans at least. To avoid being a party pooper, I'd say it's time for a beer break.

Arch Enemy (SW)
Since 1995. 9 albums. Melodic Death Metal.
Female fronted since the dawn of their fame. Tedious alternation of melodic riffs and growling vocals. Flat on record, quite enjoyable live as the melodic character sticks out. I noticed that fans in the crowd were satisfied of the set, so I suppose this was a good one. á


"Wonderful festival. It was my first time here, and I have nothing negative to say about anything... The weather was also awesome... Thanks for me, I'll be back next year... The organizers have done a wonderful work... Thanks so much for these magic days ...", says a happy festival attendant, while another: "Thank you for another successfull 'Geddon! It has been a BRILLIANT festival!"

Definitely most remarkable feature of the festival life: - BEST beer assortment ever. They actually have above 20 sorts, and none are average standard. You will not find this quality on any event but a beer tasting one. Lervig Aktiebryggeri has to become a permanent guest at Karm°ygeddon!

Dates for Karm°ygeddon 2016: April 28th-May 1st 2016
Line-up announcement and tickets on sale from June 11th, 2015

Official website: www.karmoygeddon.no
Lots of pictures taken by fans and professional photographers here. Karm°ygeddon 2016 @ Facebook

[Rating: 95/100]

Attending: LyM