Power of Metal.dk Review

Lich King
Style: Thrash Metal/Crossover
Release date: 25 December, 2015
Playing time: 28:01

After series of strong albums lot of time has passed by since LICH KING are in regressive direction of development. The operation of inducting fresh forces in the band has been in process since 2011-2012, and its last activities are two singles (one of which is ready for the new release). Signing with a new label the Americans will be a reminder for  themselves. Their new EP is a test to get reactions from the thrash metal fan masses. It includes three new songs (1, 2, 3), three alternate versions of already released tracks (4, 6, 7), and a cover song of VAN HALEN.

No matter what were the obstacles in front of the band, their new release presents them as a powerful thrash the band. The game with the symbolism of D.R.I. is not only graphical. The fast common measured songs of LICH KING have always referred to the early wave of crossover.However the approach is more thrash, with much taste for melodies and with impressive solos. This classic technique of the quintet sets them amongst the significant names in the wave revitalizing the thrash metal.

The last three tracks include ultra-groove crossover attitude that makes the release softer and adds a specific mood. The cover song is rather interpreted in worse direction; the cabaret part in Black Metal Sucks is more than a wink, and the one minute long final song is expressive enough. After such an EP the trust in the band is restored. I am only sad about the disappearance of the original logo.

01. Mascot War
Toxic Zombie Onslaught
Hot for Teacher (Van Halen cover)
Black Metal Sucks
Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short (Demo)
Label: Evil EyE Records
Distribution: Evil Eye Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 18 January, 2015
Website: Lich King @ Facebook