Power of Metal.dk Review

Keep of Kalessin
Style: Epic Black Metal
Release date: 16 February, 2015
Playing time: 50:48

At the time of writing, I am shivering, barely able to write, for the sounds blasting off my speakers put me back ten years in time. I'm recalling this evening of fog, spikes, sweat sprayed on the first rows from a whirlwind of passionate hair, the chills, the wonder, the revelation Keep Of Kalessin was for me. And now I'm sitting on the wrong side of the mountain, only minutes before they take the stage at Blastfest, Bergen.

It was
at Hole in the Sky (Bergen, Norway) in 2004. They had recently released Reclaim (2003) after ten years of existence. On this fateful night, Attila was on vocals, Arnt was riffing faster than light and we were three dumb ones standing there, staring at one another and at the band in turn, raising our eyebrows, not believing our own eyes nore ears.

Since then, Keep Of Kalessin have never ceased surprising, let alone be their performance at the Eurovision audition show in Norway. Then too, we, the same dumb ones from the HiTS show, were texting to each other in long "WTF?" tirades.

Through the last decade, the band released at least one album I let go without much ado, but it seems they have come back on the right track.

Those of you who got hold on Keep Of Kalessin's Epistemology on the day of its release this Monday, it IS a masterpiece, isn't it?

Special Kudos to Obsidian C., from now on handling lead vocals in addition to madness riffing. Here again, he excels in terms of versatility.

The whole album accounts for the band's awareness that there is a world out there, that they can get inspiration from, transcending it in technical and compositional prowesses in the best Keep Of Kalessin innovative style, linking their roots to an ideal of a distant future of metal.

I simply can't find the "Stop" button, and for how long, I could not tell.

As the HiTS show was to me, Epistemology is a musical guiding light in the dense jungle of metal nonsense, bound to inscribe itself in History. Listen and learn.

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Keep of Kalessin direct merchandise link: www.keepofkalessin.com

01. Cosmic Revelation (Intro)
The Spiritual Relief
Dark Divinity
The Grand Design
Universal Core
Label: Indie Recordings
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 20 February, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/keepofkalessin