Power of Metal.dk Review

Iron Lamb
Fool's Gold
Style: Rock and/or Roll
Release date: 30 January, 2015
Playing time: 40:20

Iron Lamb’s new album “Fool’s Gold” feels like from another era, an era where the lines between Rock n’ Roll, Heavy Metal, and Punk Rock were still blurry. The result is an album that reminds me a lot of Motörhead, but with a slightly stronger Punk Rock influence, and occasional hints of Metal. Fans who love Motörhead will obviously also love this album.

Songs like “One Way Track”, or “Smile Now, Cry Later” simply have that certain Rock n’ Roll drive and combine it with a good dose of Metal in a way that simply blows you away. This is also why the 5th track “Leave Me Be” stands out so much. The clean vocals, the much slower pace, and the melancholic atmosphere it creates all remind me a lot of Nick Cave and hint at the possibility that Iron Lamb is not as predictable as one should think.

To make it short: The album is a real blast!

01. One Way Track
02. Smile Now Cry Later
03. Feed The Fire
04. Backstabbers
05. Leave Me Be
06. Pink Mist
07. Mockingbird
08. Center Of The Universe
09. Rip It Up
10. Deadend Blues
Label: High Roller Records
Distribution: SoulFood
Reviewed by: Markus Falkenberg
Date: 25 January, 2015
Website: www.iron-lamb.com