Power of Metal.dk Review

My God Given Right
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 29 May, 2015
Playing time: 61:00

This band needs no introduction. They are the founders of the so called style (speed) power metal. 'Walls of Jericho' is still a relevant album and both the 'Keeper' records end in the top 20 when you talk about heavy metal albums. After the happy form of power metal and the departure of Kiske, they took a darker road with a few albums and new singer Andi Deris. It is never easy for a band to write new albums as good as the first classic ones. Nevertheless the band continued and kept writing albums with nice songs and so their 30th anniversary starts with the 15 th album 'My God Given Right'.

The music is up and top Helloween with again nice melodies, contagious refrains, quite a few happy metal moments, but also more aggressive songs. Again the band does a good job and never dissappoints me. With this new album they can enter the festivals with their heads held high. Tight and melodic are songs like "Battle's Won" and opener "Heroes", happier tracks such as "Lost in America", "Stay Crazy" and "If God Loves Rock'n Roll" go hand in hand with a dark track like "The Swing Of a Fallen World". In between all this heavier stuff there is the ballad "Like Everybody Else" and a nice epic last track "You, Still of War". Conclusion is that everything you expect from Helloween is there and fortunately they don't experiment with a lot of new ideas or styles. 13 songs in a row, without any mistake.

They do what they do best, just play power metal the way they invented it.

01. Heroes
Battle's Won
My God Given Right
Stay Crazy
Lost In America
Russian Roulé
The Swing Of a Fallen World
Like Everybody Else
Creatures in Heaven
If God Loves Rock'n Roll
Living On the Edge
12. Claws
13. You, Still of War
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 2 June, 2015
Website: http://www.helloween.org