Power of Metal.dk Review

Still Bleeding
Style: Dark Modern Prog
Release date: 13 April, 2015
Playing time: 40:29

Let's cut right to it. "Still Bleeding" by Helfir is amazing. Why is it amazing? First off, Luca Mazzotta is Helfir and he is clearly quite talented. He writes very strong melodies and riffs. Plus he writes songs that fit is voice perfectly and to top it all off, his guitar solos bring to mind three "Steves": Steve Hackett, Steve Rothery and Steven Wilson. There is power, drama and atmosphere in each track plus sweeping, dynamic guitar solos that always give the songs a climax.

The album starts with a moody, almost introduction in the song "Oracle" before fully revealing it's full power with the track "My Blood." That song and "Alone" are my personal favorites but that said, there isn't a bad note to be found on this album. For one person to have this much talent, and also the ability to execute a vision, is quite amazing.

Points of reference on "Still Bleeding" would be Porcupine Tree but the 90s era Porcupine Tree before the Opethian metallic edge. Fans of older Anathema will also find plenty of enjoyment in this album too. I hate having to make comparisons because really, this album should be one that we all compare other releases to! Yes it's that good.

At 40 minutes, the album really is a good length as a throw back to the days before CDs seemed to demand 70 minute releases. Each track on this album makes the album stronger and, as I always say, the songs never over stay their welcome. The closing track "Night and Deceit" puts the final melancholic touches on "Still Bleeding" perfectly. At that point, you will just want to start the album over again. I hope this is the start of a proserous career for Helfir (Luca Mazzatta) because he is off to a great start!

01. Oracle
My Blood
In The Circle
Dresses Of Pain
Black Flame
Portrait Of A Son
Where Are You Now?
Night And Deceit
Label: My Kingdom Music
Distribution: My Kingdom Music
Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 6 April 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/helfirofficial