Power of Metal.dk Review

All Crumbles Down
Style: Proggy Grunge Thrash or something
Release date: 13th of April, 2015
Playing time: 53:00

If you took the time to read my indication of the style of this release above, you'd have noticed that Swedish Faceshift embrace more than one metal genre (if you dare to call grunge a metal genre, of course - and I am indeed a daring person!). And it's certainly a good and well-functioning blend of genres the five-piece from Stockholm have made.

The first thing you'll notice when opening tune Betrayed kicks off is the splendid, raw sound and that the guitars have a wonderful heavy punch. So far so good. Next thing you notice is that singer Timo has a fine voice which reminds me a lot of Warrel Dane's, although not quite as high pitched, and to some extend of Matt Barlow's too.

What is so wonderful about 'All Crumbles Down' is the fact that a lot of things fall into place: Strong songs, great riffing, Timo's voice and inspirational sources that range from Nevermore over Alice In Chains, to Queensryche and the occasional Pantera-esque heaviness. Melody and heaviness come together in a way that I reckon works well for both the folk who like it really heavy and for those who are more on the melodic side, but don't mind a bit of an eardrum beating.

The only less positive thing I can say about this album is that Facelift in my ears run out of air on the eigth track, Painted Life, and that their stab at a ballady song, the title track, doesn't stand up to the rest of the material on 'All Crumbles Down'.

Otherwise a totally approved effort - go check it out!

1. Betrayed
2. The Lie
3. Pieces
4. A New Beginning
5. Someone To Be
6. Of Dignity and Shame
7. Awaken
8. Painted Life
9. Stand Alone
10. On The Inside
11. When All Crumbles Down
Label: Mighty Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 7th of May, 2015
Website: Faceshift @facebook