Power of Metal.dk Review

Ereb Altor
Style: Epic Viking Doom Metal
Release date: 24 April, 2015
Playing time: 43:41

When Swedish Bathory fanatics Ereb Altor released 'Fire Meets Ice' two years ago, I was hugely disappointed. I had for some reason missed the band's third release, 'Gastrike' from 2012 (that's what happens when you're presented to a LOT of music and a release for some reason isn't sent to you - you miss out on things), but the first two albums, 'By Honour' (2008) and 'The End' (2010) were amazing tributes to, or perhaps even a continuation of Quorthon's work from 1988 and onwards. 'Fire Meets Ice' sounded more like the first couple of Bathory releases, which, in my book at least, is a shite move to make. For all their cult value, they simply don't sound good in any way.

'Nattramn' (Night raven) is a different matter altogether. And thank the gods for that. Ereb Altor manage to put themselves back on the approved list with an album that shows us a band who are ready for not only power, but also diversity and atmosphere.

Instead of screaming and Venom inspired metal we get both that rawness as well as the quiet, moody pieces, the clean vocals, the big, epic parts that take you away from your dull everyday and into the mountains where giants meet the hammers and swords of the gods.

For me, Ereb Altor is indeed one of the bands that transforms rock music into a truly and uniquely Scandinavian sound, something that is hard for others to do. For that reason alone you should check out 'Nattramn'. F*ck IKEA, f*ck Volvo, try out Ereb Altor instead.

1. The Son of Vindsvalr
2. Midsommarblot
3. Nattramn
4. The Dance of the Elves
5. Dark Waters
6. Across the Giant's Blood
7. The Nemesis of Frej
Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Soul Food
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 29 April, 2015
Website: www.erebaltor.com