Power of Metal.dk Review

Zu Richten
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 8 June, 2015
Playing time: 47:00

After some EP's and one full length, this is the next album from the Austrian death metal band Epsilon. After a few spins, I'm not really convinced yet and that is mainly because the songs don't really stick to one's mind and are a bit inconsistent. The band has a rather brutal kind of hectic style that reminds me of Illdisposed (less groovy) and has a bit of Swedish influences reminding of Bloodbath. Vocalist Krise has an aggressive grunt, but combines this with harsh screaming. Besides some old Swedish riff sounds, there are also more modern metal influences in the track "Nutzmensch Agonie", which is not really my cup of tea.

That half the songs are in English and the other half in German isn't any problem, both suits the band. If I had to advice them something I would say that there could have been some more groove in the songs. The slower parts in  "Can They Suffer" are a nice example that groove really works, at least for me. The instrumental "In Namen Gottes" doesn't add anything to the album, but fortunately this is compensated by the last 2 songs. Especially the closing track has something I like, I think it is the combination of the riff and the drums that does it.

All in all, not a bad album, but the music is at times a little bit herky-jerky, which makes it sometimes  hard to follow and focus.

01. Explicit Enough?
Witness My Transformation Evisceration
I Shall Feast On the Flesh of My Enemies
Ein zarter Hauch von Menschlichkeit
Torn Apart By the Righteous Animals of This World
Nutzmensch Agonie
Can They Suffer?
Die Lebenden und die Toten
Im Namen Gottes
Die Schuld des Lebens
Die Erlösung der Menschkeit
Label: Mighty Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 5 June, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/epsilonthrash