Power of Metal.dk Review

Endless Pain
Cosa Nostra
Style: Italian Death Metal
Release date: 16 March, 2015
Playing time: 38:53

Italy might not be the first country that people think of when they hear “Metal”, but Italy has a pretty much active Metal scene. Some bands play classical Heavy Metal, others play Thrash Metal, and others go all the way and play (Italian) Death Metal with Endless Pain being one of them.

The album is obviously characterised by the lead singer’s growling which is obviously not surprising for a Death Metal band. Death Metal should be about more than just the growling though, and that is exactly where the album shows a couple of weaknesses. Although, ‘weaknesses’ is probably the wrong term here. It is more of a lack of “strengths”. In other words: The album is not weak, but it is not exactly strong either. It is fun to listen to, but there are a couple of passages where one has the feeling that the band missed the chance to make more out of a song than they actually did. The third song Nel Nome Del Padre illustrates this perfectly. The lead guitarist accentuates the song with some interesting guitar parts, even starts a solo, but it is somehow not as well integrated in the song as it could be. The same pattern shows on Omertà, and Transversal Vendetta which makes me suspect that the band’s sound would profit a lot, if they got their drummer and guitarist to fine-tune their parts a bit better.

All in all I give the band a nice 63 percent. It is a decent album after all and there are a couple of passages that shine.

01. Intro (23 Maggio 1992)
02. Dishonor Before Death (Burke The Infame)
03. Nel Nome Del Padre
04. Good Fuckin’ Fellas
05. Murder Of Honor
Evil Empire (Cosa Nostra)
Transversal Vendetta
The Left Hand
Outro (Donna Rosaria)
Label: Banksville Records London
Distribution: Banksville Records London
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Markus Falkenberg
Date: 20 April, 2015
Website: www.endlesspain.it