Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 20 February, 2015
Playing time: 42:37

The Swedish hard rock orchestra Eclipse which is fronted by the talented and brilliant Erik Mårtensson on vocals and with his sidekick / axeman Magnus Henriksson on guitars are finally here with one of my most anticipated album of 2015. Together with Robban Bäck (drums) and the new member Magnus Ulfstedt on bass, Eclipse has made the album of the year or?? 'Armageddonize' is a melodic metal/rock masterpiece. I had ultra high expectations for this, but they just blew me away in every darn track. I can't remember when this last happened... 'Armageddonize' is filled with eleven masterful hard rock creations. No song is similar to the other really and this is even more diverse and perfect than their amazing album 'Bleed & Scream' from 2012. Razor sharp guitars from Henriksson and with a Mr. Mårtensson, who sings better than ever before. Erik has always been a great singer, but he has upgraded his vocals with multiple levels and how on earth will they be able to outdo this album in the future? Powerful melodies and catchy choruses, which is perfectly produced with lots of love for the melodic hard rock/metal genre. I've been listened to the first single 'Stand On Your Feet' from the album daily for a few weeks and I have danced, played air guitar, been running, been skiing, baked bread and bathed to this masterful song. Mårtensson is one of the top producers/song-writers in this genre today and on this disc he also shows what a big powerhouse he is at the microphone.

Let me guide you shortly through the magic tracklist:
The opening track 'I Do not Want to Say I'm Sorry' is a real cannonball track with super alert guitar riffs and the song swings like a dinghy in a storm. Absolutely brilliant!! Magnus plays like in a trance and delivers brilliant guitar loops, which cuts like a hot knife through butter. 'Stand On Your Feet' is probably among the heaviest they have released and is the given hit song on this disc. The cautious opening of 'The Storm' explodes into a shining rock gem with magical vocals, great guitar solo and mega strong chorus. Top quality throughout the song.

'Blood Enemies' opens quietly with stylish and soft guitars, but changes into a delicious melodic metal song where Erik sings stronger than ever before. 'Blood Enemies' has emerged to be one of my favorite tracks of all categories. He sings aggressively as if he had eaten barbed wire... 'Wide Open' is another amazing song written and performed with timeless harmonies, emotional vocals and lovely lyrics, which completely embalms all my open senses. The big monster ballad on the album 'Live Like I'm Dying' and it is an epic track that has everything a power ballad should have. Sentimental song, nice drumbeat, emotional guitar solo that frames the whole package. Fantastic !!!!

'Breakdown' is a cool, bluesy rock song with dazzling guitars and catchy melodies. Next song 'Love Bites' - a driven song with sharp guitars and close to maximum top speed they are capable of. A taste of Pretty Maids flavors in this song. I like the alert and vital pace in the song and they seems to have had a lot of fun recording this track. The beautiful, strong tune 'One Life - My Life' is softer and more in the AOR genre. Erik sings with aplomb, power and sentimentality at the same time. As always is Eclipse's albums very nicely produced. The disc ends with a full throttle track. 'All Died Young' - a double kick drum track with big guitars and a worthy closing of a masterful album, and I will have Armageddonize with me for a very long time to come.

Thank you for these 42 minutes of melodic rock/metal keelhauling. I'm proud to be a Swedish hard rock fan! One of the most secure investments you can do this year.

No doubts: Maximum score from me!

01. I Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry
Stand On Your Feet
The Storm
Blood Enemies
Wide Open
Live Like I'm Dying
Love Bites
Caught Up In The Rush
One Life - My Life
All Died Young
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 77/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 14 February, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/EclipseSweden