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Dying Gorgeous Lies
First World Breakdown
Style: Melodic Thrash Metal
Release date: 20 February, 2015
Playing time: 40:54

After fighting for their music alone for four years DYING GORGEOUS LIES had caught the attention of Wacken Fondation and Massacre Records. Signing a contract at the end of 2013 the Germans succeed to delight us with their second full length album.

Although that the vocal range of Lisa „Liz Gorgeous” Minet is close to this of Sabina Classen (HOLY MOSES) the quintet works in the more melodic dimensions of the thrash metal. The emphasized particular for each song melody is a distinguished feature in the composing of the band. The fast songs and the strong riffs are not an obstacle for this specification.  In such a sense DYING GORGEOUS LIES follow a tradition in the German thrash that is leaded by not so popular names as BLACKEND and RECKLESS TIDE – bands that unfortunately are not active at this moment. This opens space for the sub-gender but does not give signals for its outbreak from the marginal status.

Without being somewhat brilliant achievement DYING GORGEOUS LIES enter the list of the original bands that do not use quotations. Significant is the pleasure for the ear and they will not repulse the fans of the aggressive riffs. The aggressive vocals sound very contemporary. The melodies demonstrate music taste and skillful use of the means of expression.  Among the fast songs the Germans also have some middle tempo decisions – a certain sign of maturity! Some heavy metal figures do not leave the field of thrash, and the aggressive voice does not slip away to metal-core deprivation of individuality.

DYING GORGEOUS LIES offer us a rich painting of German melodic  thrash metal that most of the new releases do not offer. Their music still is not able to conquer categorically but there is a serious application for something bigger with „First World Breakdown“.

01. First World Breakdown
Rise Again
Wipe Out Yourselves
04. S
uppressing Fire
Join My Hate
Riot Call
№ 759
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 7 March, 2015
Website: www.dying-gorgeous-lies.de