Power of Metal.dk Review

Diablo Blvd
Follow the Deadlights
Style: Metal
Release date: 16 January, 2015
Playing time: 46:56

Hailing from Belgium, Diablo Blvd. is releasing their new album "Follow the Deadlights", their third full-length studio album, the first album after making a record deal with Nuclear Blast. The first time I heard of them was the day, when Diablo Blvd. was announced to tour with Epica. So I got curious.

When I read that Diablo Blvd.'s genre was titled as "Metal" in our list, my thoughts were something like "Wow. Very creative. Thanks for the information." But listening to the album showed, that it is indeed difficult to put Diablo Blvd. into a specific subgenre. I'd personally call it something between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

"Follow the Deadlights" sounds somehow old school, comparable with bands like The Cult or Guns 'N Roses, but has also a melancholic touch in the style of Type O Negative, mostly because of the down-tuned guitars and Alex Agnew's deep, warm voice. Talking about Alex, I was surprised as I read that he was a stand-up comedian in Belgium, and a very successful one. I really appreciate that he ended his career with Diablo Blvd. being one of the main reasons for that.

What I miss is a real ballad (although "Inhuman" gets close to it) and a song that really blows me away. That is why most of the songs sound alike. Maybe the CD just needs a few more passes to unfold the whole effect.

With Diablo Blvd. being supporting act of Epica's "European Enigma" tour, I'll get the chance to find out, if they are as good (or even better) live. And, who knows. Maybe Alex kept a part of being a comedian deep inside and the concert (especially the talks between the songs) will be worth remembering.

01. Beyond the Veil
Rise like Lions
Get Up 9
Follow the Deadlights
Son of Cain
We are Legion
Fear is for the Enemy
Peace Won by War
End of Time
Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Sophie Ruhnke
Date: 9 January, 2015
Website: www.diabloboulevard.com