Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Power Metal
Release date: 12 February, 2015
Playing time: 46:56

When I saw a new album by the band Destiny on the list, my brain matter started to work and it made me walk to my cd collection and there I found an album by the band Destiny. There I found somewhere on a dusty shelf 'Future of the Past' released in 2004 by Swedish heavy/progressive/power metal band Destiny. I decided to volunteer for reviewing the new Destiny album on the list, still thinking that this was a new release by that band. After diving into it more, I discovered that this is a total different band hailing from Costa Rica and the style is indeed different from the Swedes also. If the Swedish band doesn't exist anymore, this new Destiny will not get in trouble using the same name.

This album has already been available as an EP in May 2014, but is now released on a bigger scale by Power Prog and with 2 songs added. When you look at the songlist you see that they cover Helloween with "I Want Out", so you can guess what kind of style to expect from them. They play power metal indeed, but I think their style is more comparable with a band like Angra then with Helloween. Singer Anton Darusso is a typical power metal singer, with the high vocals and the sometimes more lower style. On "Forgive But Not Forget" there are even some grunting harsh vocals, which makes the song a tad heavier. The band uses nice melodies and the songs are rather pleasant to listen to. The extra song "Falling Angel" has Roberto Tiranti as singer and you perhaps know him from the band Labyrinth. This extra song is not a lot different from the original second track, so there are only eight tracks, which is a bit minimal. "Forgive But Not Forget" is the only new song compared with the 2014 version. Perhaps they have already a lot of new material, which they will use on a new album soon, but I'm not updated with any kind of information about that.

This is a nice power metal album, which doesn't bring a lot of new elements, but if you like the Angra style, this sure is an album you will like. Not bad, but rather average if you compare it with the lot.

01. Destiny
Fallen Angel
I Saw An Angel Cry
Forgive But Not Forget
Into Black Horizon
I Want Out (Helloween cover)
Nothing Last Forever
Fallen Angel (bonus track)
Label: Power Prog
Distribution: Power Prog
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 7 February, 2015
Website: www.destinycr.bandcamp.com