Power of Metal.dk Review

Demonic Slaughter
Style: Black Metal
Release date: February 2015
Playing time: 51:34

Sometimes I wonder if no mention is better than negative mention on a site like ours. But then again, I always trusted myself to be able to see through the opinions of reviewers and give the bands a chance where I had a feeling I'd like it. I hope that you always have the same mindset when you read our reviews

And now I can finally tell you that the most positive thing I can say about 'Haunted' by the Polish black metal band Demonic Slaughter is that I really like the sound of the band name. Try and say it with a rasping Dracula voice: Deeeemonic Slaughteeer. Cool, eh?
As for the music...well, it's knocking on the doors of traditional Norwegian black metal bands, and that's of course not any John Does' cup of tea. It certainly isn't mine. The sound of by ways of definition not good, the duo (!) is untight and the guitars tend to sound like one of those annoying mosquitoes that sometimes hover over your ear just after you've gone to bed. Just in case you're wondering: That's not a compliment.

Second after the name of the band, there are a few capable riffs here and there that remind me a bit of Morbid Angel (that's a compliment in case you're wondering), and the instrumental Death's Creek manages to conjure up some atmosphere with thunder in the distance and all.

Otherwise, no, sorry, I'm not convinced - but please go and make your own judgement if you happen to be a fan of traditional black metal.

1. Pit of Coffins
2. Mystic Rites
3. Psalm of Mist
4. Haunted
5. Madness and Astral Emanations
6. Monks of Cold Mountains
7. Zalobna Procesja (Mournful Procession)
8. Wyklety (The Wretched)
9. Death's Creek
Label: Pagan Records
Distribution: Pagan Records
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 9th of April, 2015
Website: Demonic Slaughter @ MySpace