Power of Metal.dk Review

Dead End
Forever is Not Eternal
Style: Death/Doom Metal
Release date: 23 February, 2015
Playing time: 59:37

DEAD END is one more revived band from the 90s from Netherlands (after Inquisitor). The release of Vic Records is not full anthology of DEAD END. Their most early demo from 1990, that is recorded live, is missing. Perhaps because of this, it was not proper for including in this more precise release. 

DEAD END work with the means of expression of doom/death metal. In essence, their music is more doom metal but the means of expression are definitely death metal. The slow rhythms, the harsh vocals and the emphasized bass are characteristic features of their recordings. The melodies are reduced to minimum, and their early primary forms are full with no compromising attitude.  There is not any powdering or implanting of harmonies outside of the strong metal ones. In such parameters, there is no way not to appear the shadow of HELLHAMMER, but we do not speak about purposive admiration.

The CD begins with a previously released track that faces the melodies of CANDLEMASS, but it has vocals like BOLT THROWER. Then the selection goes in opposite of the chronological order: their debut ЕР from 1993, followed by the demos from 1992 and 1991 each with four songs. An interesting fact is that only the released on vinyl EP in the current release has a changed order of the tracks. The LP format forced the label to place the 6 minutes long composition „This Heresyon one side of the vinyl. It seems that the other three songs follow their natural logics.

Reborn during the last year, DEAD END collect their exceptionally qualitative records in one release, and they are ready to promote them in a way they did not succeed to make it in the 90es. The current line up is a sextet with a keyboardist-violinist. Definitely they have what to show in the field of death/doom metal.

01. Angelthing
This Heresy
Dreamers Lament
Journey To Midian
12. Tales From The Real Life
Label: Vic Records
Distribution: Vic Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 17 January, 2015
Website: Dead End @ Facebook