Power of Metal.dk Review

The Origin of Violence
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 12 December, 2014
Playing time: 54:00

The seventh album by this German thrash combo and my first acquaintance with the band. At least a bit strange because I wasn't born yesterday and thrash metal is one of my favorite genres. Like so many other German bands, you immediately hear the accent in the voice of Oliver Lux but for me that is no problem. The harsh vocals are not very special and sound very average, it is not a voice I will recognize immediately in between a dozen other thrash metal singers. The band recorded the album live in the studio and for that the band can be pleased, but the revearse side of the coin is that small mistakes can't be corrected. For me that isn't a problem.

That I am not very enthusiastic about the album is because the songs are not very special, take for example the track "Angel of Blackness", the heavier part sounds o.k., but the slow part doesn't. The same thing happens in the song "His Dark Materials", the beginning is o.k., but I have no idea what they want to reach with the softer middle part of the song, which sounds like a very bad Metaliica immitation. Also in "Behind the Eyepiece" Oliver tries again to really sing, but please stop with that and just thrash from start to finish. I know that it brings variety to the songs, but that is only a advantage if it is executed well. With "In Zaire" they cover a song of John Wakelin, but I didn't receive that one when downloading the stuff, so I can't say anything about that.

For me this sounds like the umpteenth mix of German and Bay Area thrash metal with grooving songs that are rather average and a singer that bores me after a few songs. I guess this is a nice band to warm the audience up for an international band in a local club, but not yet good enough to be the top of the bill.

01. Meltdown
The Origin of Violence
The Age of Aquarius
Angel of Blackness
King of a Frozen Throne
The End of the Credit Line
Demon is Back
His Dark Materials
Behind the Eyepiece
11. In Zaire
12. Rockin' Transilvania (bonus track)
Label: Cargo Records
Distribution: Cargo Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 4 January, 2015
Website: www.facebook.com/contradictionmetal