Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Atmospheric Death Metal
Release date: 27 January, 2015
Playing time: 47:00

It’s not often I get to review a band from Columbia so Cóndor piqued my interest and I thought I’d check out this “Duin”, the band’s second full-length. Breaking the ice is an excellent instrumental called ‘Rio Frio’ (‘Cold River’) whose classically-inspired melodies give the composition a nice touch. The rest of the album, however, is bogged down by its biggest handicap: a terrible and amateurish sound.

Most of the songs are quite long (‘Condordäle’ even passes the 10 minutes mark) and yet they feel underdeveloped and their musicianship inconsistent. The spirited instrumental interlude of ‘Coeur-de-lion’ is interesting but loses its momentum before the song ends. And this inconsistency is symptomatic of the whole album.

Musically “Duin” has 2 sides to it: a dark My-Dying-Bride type of persona and a rough Death Metal side. Neither convinces unequivocally but if it weren’t for the vocals, I’d say the atmospheric attributes of the music sound slightly better.

As a band Cóndor don’t deserve to be written off entirely for under what generally comes across as a sonar mess you do sense that they have a good ear for melody and some interesting ideas. Ultimately, however, the band fails to create something compelling and the album’s production is its prime liability.

01. Río frío (instrumental)
02. El lamento de Penélope
03. La gran laguna
04. Coeur-de-lion
05. Condordäle
06. Helle gemundon in mod-sefan
07. Adagio

08. Duin
Label: Gomorrah Records
Distribution: Cóndor @ Bandcamp
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 17 February, 2015
Website: Cóndor @ Facebook