Power of Metal.dk Review

Cain's Offering
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 15 May, 2015
Playing time: 59:26

A long time ago, a young band called Sonata Arctica got the opportunity to tour with one of their favorite bands and main influence Stratovarius. Following this, the guys of Sonata Arctica, especially guitarist Jani Liimatainen were really nervous about the fact that they would meet them. Now, many years after the first time they met, a lot has changed. Jani Liimatainen is no longer part of Sonata Arctica, he and Timo Kotipelto, singer of Stratovarius, are best friends and they are making lots of music together.

"Stormcrow" is the second album of Cain's Offering, their debut "Gather The Faithful" was released in 2009. Music and lyrics are written completely by Jani Liimatainen. For me, this is enough reason to like this band, since I love Jani's music and especially the lyrics (he wrote for example "My Selene" by Sonata Artica or "If The Story Is Over" by Stratovarius). But let's stay objectively.

Songs like "I Will Build You A Rome" and "Stormcrow" prove that Cain's Offering are able to create perfect Power Metal hymns. But also awesome ballads like "Too Tired To Run". The lyrics to each and every song are typical Jani Liimatainen lyrics: hopelessly romantic and beautiful. Or to put it into different words: absolutely cheesy. But I'm a girl, maybe that's the reason why I like it.

I also really enjoy the fact that Timo Kotipelto doesn't even sound that annoying like he sometimes does and that's normally a reason for me to not listen to a Stratovarius album completely. And although background vocalists are usually too unimportant to be mentioned, I think they also did a great job on this album (one of the background singers is Antti Railio, winner of "The Voice Of Finland". Jani is his live guitar player. We can see: everyone from every band is somehow connected in Northern Europe...)

But although the album is a great Power Metal album, it is definitely nothing new. I know it's quite impossible to create something unique in this genre and that is why Power Metal usually uses choruses that are sticking to someone's mind to make sure the songs won't be forgotten. But that is the reason why in the end, this album is just an average Power Metal album. But for an average album, the songwriting is great, both in lyrics and music, and "Stormcrow" maybe has the chance to be one of my favorite "Average Power Metal" albums.

01. Stormcrow
The Best Of Times
A Night To Forget
I Will Build You A Rome
Too Tired To Run
Constellation Of Tears
My Heart Beats For No One
I Am Legion
Rising Sun
On The Shore
Label: Frontiers Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Sophie Ruhnke
Date: 8 May, 2015
Website: Cain's Offering @ Facebook