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Beyond the Dust
Style: Math Death Metal
Release date: 17 November, 2014
Playing time: 56:14

The listening of "Khepri" is an experience-discovery. After definitions like  djent/prog/math metal, the expectations are for complex compositions but indeed the wealth music here is not only overloaded sheet of notes. The complex forms of BEYOND THE DUST carry pleasure because they are listenable. They are not hidden for virtuosos and professors in music. The over-difficult tempos carry the surprise of the abilities of the musicians. The diverse guitar approaches are very precise at their places. The aggressive vocals carry pure pleasure, and the clean vocals are sung differently in every particular passage of the conceptual work. The emphasized bass is not simply filling of frequencies but it is turned into a part of the musicianship.

The four musicians united forces after they played in different formations in Paris. Their mysterious music is enriched with the misty history of their formation. They succeeded to unite the classic influences and the affinity to classic progressive rock. Their full length album, which we discuss here, is conceptual. Making their multi-component music BEYOND THE DUST seek inspiration in DREAM THEATER and MESHUGGAH. The truth is that they are far away from the industrial rhythms of MESHUGGAH, as well as they are far away from the elite music demonstrations of DREAM THEATER.

Using the wealth arsenal of instrumental approaches and framing everything in complex non-common measures, the French quartet achieved the way CYNIC should sound nowadays if they did not sweep along film music and soft formats! The songs of BEYOND THE DUST burst into the aggression of metal sound and harsh vocals without leaving you a moment for common measured head banging or even beat time. The clean vocals and acoustic guitar ornaments only contribute to diversity and emphasize the direction of the band. Non-standard is the change of the complex rhythms. The harmonies jump in surprising consequences that has taken something from the wave of the American technical death metal in the face of DEATH, ATHEIST, and CYNIC. At the same time, the proggressive and djent influences go beyond the complicating of any metal band I’ve heard before. This reinforces the post-metal spice in their works.

Exceptionally brave are the decisions in "Khepri" and this makes the album not proper for the mass of fans, and for sure this will not bring it commercial success. It's music wealth, however, is at the level of rare diamond among the collection of intellectual metal! The wealth of BEYOND THE DUST should charm lots of fans in different sub genders. It may also repel some, but the admirers of the technical metal in all its forms must listen to this album at least once!

01. Rise
After The Light
Last Breath
Silence And Sorrow
The Edge Of Earth And Sea – Part 1
The Edge Of Earth And Sea – Part 2
The Edge Of Earth And Sea – Part 3
Label: Dooweet
Distribution: Dooweet
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 17 February, 2015
Website: Beyond the Dust @ Facebook