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Below the Sun
Style: Funeral Doom Metal
Release date: 24 February, 2015
Playing time: 59:19

As it happens often in the 90es in the European part of Russia the band BELOW THE SUN from the central Asia city Krasnoyarsk is a conceptual copy of a definite model which music is decorated with quotes of the similar bands in the gender. The band is founded at the annual wood musical festival in their home city in 2012. The Russians implement in the music life of the region world tendencies from the drone/funeral doom scene.

The choice of vision of the Russian is clearly borrowed by SUNN O))). To create drone metal in Russia, however, besides that it could be hardly liked by the masses it could also be politically dangerous. That is why over drone rhythms and background sound with continuing functions are set rather melodic components. The acoustic and other silent “post” passages are similar mostly to the works of ÖRÖM, but there are also other influences. The rather elementary compositions are disguised with multitude of effects. The melodies are implemented from the Scandinavian funeral doom bands that have affinity to them like SHAPE OF DESPAIR and THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA. This is in unison with the Russian mentality, and in „Cries Of Dying Starsthere are also some Russian folk traditions. We can listen to the harmonies inspired by the popular in the country KYPCK. The vocal range is from aggressive to whispering.

„Envoy“ is an album that offers pleasant moments for the admirers of funeral doom metal. The good shots in it compared to the colossal quantity of quotations make me careful in writing praises for BELOW THE SUN, because I cannot find their real identity. They are well melted collage but from known elements. Although the stable back vocal support by the guitar player and the drummer the future presentation of the debut of the band would be without their vocalist that had just left the band. This is a surmountable obstacle but the seeking of the identity of the band continues. 

01. Outward The Sky
Cries Of Dying Stars
Drift In Deep Space
Breath Of Univerce
The Earth
Label: Temple of Torturous
Distribution: Temple of Torturous
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 23 February, 2015
Website: http://vk.com/below_the_sun