Power of Metal.dk Review

Deadly Scenes
Style: Avant-garde Metal
Release date: 12 January, 2015
Playing time: 55:20

When checking into the band 6:33 (prior to listening to “Deadly Scenes”), I noticed they were quite an odd bunch. The wrestling masks were just part of it. Musically they seemed in my wheelhouse. They are very much like a Mike Patton project. I could easily hear him fronting this band. “Deadly Scenes” could be easily mistaken for a Mr. Bundle record.

“Hellalujah” is a jazzy little number and is probably the easiest track to digest. From there “Ego Fandango” has a very strong Mr. Bundle vibe, strange pop mixed with oddball instrumentation and a Patton-esque vocal. There’s even an element of Queen at their most avant-garde, think "The Prophet Song" or anything off of "Queen II."

The band is not as difficult as Mr. Bundle however. For as weird as they are, they write catchy melodies and are quite skilled at playing. They shift gears mid-song frequently too. But at the same time, they are capable of shifting right back to the original theme as well. But the band can manage to maintain its focus for a full song as “The Walking Fed” proves. It’s basically a tribal rhythm all throughout with various rhythmic vocal lines. For as focuses as it is, it is far from standard pop music. “I’m A Nerd” is a heavy but incredibly weird track. It feels more like Faith No More than anything else. The same can be said for “Black Widow” which is half metal and half show tune.

The whole “Deadly Scenes” album plays like a severely warped opera of some sort. And that's because it's a concept album about the seven deadly sins, plus a prologue and epilogue. The title track even has a narrator! It’s refreshing that a band can still be this creative and strange but have a clear purpose to their strangeness. 6:33 will definitely appeal to those listeners who understand the insane world of Mike Patton or Devin Townsend. Imagine if those two teamed up for an album and you are close to how 6:33 sound! “Deadly Scenes” is not an easy listen to start with but repeated listens will allow the listener a chance to keep up with this very talented band.

01. Hellalujah (Prologue)
Ego Fandango
The Walking Fed
I’m A Nerd
Modus Operandi
Black Widow
Last Bullet For A Gold Rattle
Lazy Boy
Deadly Scenes (Epilogue)
Label: Kaotoxin Records
Distribution: Kaotoxin Records
Reviewed by: Rob Pociluk
Date: 9 January, 2015
Website: www.633theband.com