Power of Metal.dk Review

Wizz Acoustic
Rock Lives On
Style: Acoustic Rock
Release date: 3 March, 2014
Playing time: 19:40

As I scribbled the first draft of this review, sweat dampened the pages of my notebook. In the throes of a heatwave, I felt somewhat languid and averse to physical exertion, including headbanging. Wizz Acoustic was propitious to that very mood – the no frills acoustic guitar + vocals effectively helped me unwind.

In case you’re wondering, the mainman behind Wizz Acoustic is one Wizz Wizzard, a veteran of the Belgian Metal scene, someone who also fronts an old-school Metal band that bears his own name. Guitarist Chris Appleton (of Absolva and Rocksector Records) lends Wizz Acoustic his skills in further bringing these compositions to life.

In all honesty, beyond scenarios such as the aforementioned, it’s hard to justify the inclusion of “Rock Lives On” in a Metal fan’s shopping list. Don’t get me wrong, these songs have spirit and are excellently recorded but the music is highly generic and this EP feels like someone ad-libbing alone in his bedroom.

But then again, you might harbour a secret affinity for the ilk of Josť Feliciano or Lou Reed.....in which case “Rock Lives On” might be a worthy consideration.

Check out a video of ‘Rock Lives On’.

01. No Way Out
02. The Wolf
03. Rock Lives On
04. Trouble Time
05. On The Edge of Desire
06. Insanity
Label: Rocksector Records
Distribution: Rocksector Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 28 May, 2014
Website: Wizz Acoustic @ Reverbnation