Power of Metal.dk Review

Vital Science
Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 17 January, 2014
Playing time: 53:33

I honestly shouldn't like this album. Vital Science's debut album "Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity" is heavy, dark, and thrashy, and contains some harsh vocals, some caterwauling, and endless riffing. This isn't normally what I am attracted to, but I feel such a strange love for this album. Through all the technical displays, something comes through that is purely artistic.

Vital Science is like a combination of Dream Theater and Symphony X, though the latter is far more prevalent. The deep, thrashing guitars, the pounding blast beats and throbbing bass, and the soaring vocals are all reminiscent of Symphony X. Yes, even some of the lyrical articulation. However, this band is in no way a copy.  They have their own style of stuttering riffs, breakdowns, and song structures. Plus, they have a totally different type of keys that may be the reason that I am so drawn to this album. The keys, put simply, are amazing. Keyboardist Sergey Boykov outdoes himself with surreal atmospherics, powerful synth solos, and just a general aptitude for piercing the darkness of the rest of the instruments. Especially when he interplays with drummer Rustam Guseinov, the two create something truly special and mesmerizing. 

I feel that guitarists Aleksandr and Vladimir should be emphasized here, too.  Not only do they create the blackened ambiance with their deep riffing, but they also pull off some incredible solos, such as on "Truth Be Told". Not only are they technically proficient, but they are also mature in their ability to compose.

The band, though, absolutely destroyed my expectations on my favorite track, "Fallen from Grace". A colossal intro of perfect riffs and amazing drums segues into fantastic keys, and the track doesn't let up at all. There are other stand-outs, like "Bridge of Sorrow" and "Truth Be Told" and "The Curtains Fall". I do admit that the album becomes a little "samey" after a while, but you won't even notice through the flurry of sublime instrumentals.

If you are metal fan, you will love this. "Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity" is a tribute to the giants of progressive metal, but also a forging of new paths for Vital Science. Instrumental perfection is at the forefront here, but melodies and genuinely interesting moments are aplenty. It'll be interesting to see what this band does next.

01. Overture
02. Bridge of Sorrow
03. The Last Trial
04. Endless Sky
05. Truth Be Told
06. Fallen from Grace
07. Black Judgment Day
08. Dream Survives
09. Prayer to Survive
10. The Curtains Fall
Label: Power Prog Records
Distribution: Power Prog Records
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 4 April, 2014
Website: Vital Science @ Facebook