Power of Metal.dk Review

The View from My Ivory Tower
Style: Thrash(y) Metal
Release date: 31 July, 2014
Playing time: 11:47

Villainy are totally new on my radar but I am to understand that this EP is a follow-up to the band’s debut album, “Villainy I”, released last year. Anyhoo, onto these 2 tracks...

First impression is largely positive. Villainy has lots of interesting ideas up its sleeve even if sometimes it sounds as if the band is trying to put too many eggs in 1 basket. The mixing gives a lot of breathing space to the bass guitar and the sound is rough but well-imbued with melody.

The first track (‘The View from My Ivory Tower’) has Obituary written all over it, having anguished singing and a very Doomy vibe, even when the going gets fast. All in all it’s quite an excellent and imaginative slab of crushing Metal.

‘Heir to the Throne’ has traces of Motörhead with guitar melodies that seem to come out of the NWOBHM. Again it’s an interesting track that, alas, is marred by some mediocre riffing.

It’s hard to form a meaningful opinion of the band based on 2 measly tracks but it’s clear Villainy are not your average Metal band. And that’s good.

01. The View from My Ivory Tower
02. Heir to the Throne


Label: Hellprod Records
Distribution: Hellprod Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 23 August, 2014
Website: Villainy @ Facebook