Power of Metal.dk Review

Melana Chasmata
Style: Doom/death Metal
Release date: 14 April, 2014
Playing time: 67:25

Glad that the sun is shining at the moment. The music on this new album of Triptykon breaths a dark, depressive kind of evil and melancholy atmosphere.

The first song starts very aggressive and the anger and hate can be heard in that song, it is together with "Breathing" one of the faster tracks on this album. The following 2 tracks are a lot slower and are both build around doomy and heavy riffs, with very dominating bass lines. After the fast and reminding of Celtic Frost track "Breathing", the melancholy track "Aurorae" follows.

In several songs the band uses sound effects and that makes a lot of songs sound very spooky. The best example of that can be heard in the song "Demon Pact", together with Tom's intense vocals and the very slow riffs this is one of the weirdest, but also most impressive songs. "In the Sleep of Death" gives me a kind of desperate feeling, it is a track with influences of Type O Negative in it. The longest track "Black Snow" follows and although the riff that carries the song is rather strong, near the end it gets a bit boring. The entire album is a good follow up of their 2010 release "Eparistera Daimones" and if you liked that album, you can buy this with your eyes closed. In fact everything you can expect from Tom G. Warrior is on 'Melana Chasmata'.

Heavy, slow, dark, desperate, impressive, melancholy, gothic, pitchblack and spooky music the way we like it.

01. Tree of Suffocating Souls
Boleskine House
Altar of Deceit
Demon Pact
In the Sleep of Death
Black Snow
09. Waiting
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: Universal (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 16 April, 2014
Website: www.triptykon.net