Power of Metal.dk Review

Data Warfare
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 10 February, 2014
Playing time: 49:17

I get the feeling - as is often the case with this kind of blending - that the strengths are in live performances. We hear that kind of thing a lot in the metal community when discussing a band that uses a clashing of very different sounds - the kind that is so consistently polarizing opinions among fans. One need only look at the reaction to Prodigy headlining Sonisphere to see the truth in that. It is difficult one to review.

This is not the type of music I have an affinity with - I am one of those people that cannot get to grips with genres that are so different colliding in this way. However, that doesn't mean other people cannot and I think they really will. This is clearly the culmination of hard, dedicated work in all areas, regardless of anyone's own musical tastes. I write this knowing they are going on a short tour in support of the release of this album and one of the dates is half an hours drive from me, less than a week away at the time of writing. I am gutted that I cannot attend because, as I said, I get the feeling the live show would be very entertaining.

I read that Tribazik stated they are like a thrash band playing at a rave, or something to that effect. I don't know, because I have not seen them live. I only have sound as evidence, but being a thrash metal maniac, I cannot really agree with that description. They are much more non metal than metal - they just have a lot of underlying metal elements that are occasionally allowed to dominate. It's not elitism - it is simply the case.

There are some lovely metal tones throughout, like 'Bloodline Crossbreed', 'Absence Of Proof' and the opening track, 'Too Dead To Care'. I find myself inevitably focusing on the metal parts and more metal orientated songs more than their counterparts that are heavily focused in other areas. Towards the end of the album it gets more focused on traditional instruments and vocals, putting the programming and synths aside to allow the overall sound to be predominantly guitars, drums and vocals.

The bands musical proficiency and depth of the lyrical themes and vocal work require no live performance for appreciation, again, a particular favourite example being the aforementioned 'Absence Of Proof'.

Fans of this kind of fusion will not be disappointed. Those that are not, well, check out their website and try to go to a live show. That's where I'd be next week if I could.

01. Too Dead To Care
Life Force Energy
12th Disclosure
Sonar Sumeria
Spacetime Collapse
Bloodline Crossbreed
Absence Of Proof
Tools Of Mass Creation
Label: Skyride Records
Distribution: Skyride Records
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 9 February, 2014
Website: www.tribazik.com