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Operation Torment
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 21 September, 2014
Playing time: 34:03

The female quintet from Singapore TORMENTRESS had grown up from its fan’s inventions to full length debut. Their production is in the stream of the thrash bands, and inspired from the old bands they interpreted the gender in the spirit of their early demos in something that I could call dirty thrash metal.

Yet with the introduction the ladies lead us to a musical puzzle of quotations. The puzzle is not very complex, and it could be said that it is made of 12 pieces as is the number of the tracks. The main approach of the band is to catch some of the most successful riffs of the classic bands, and to make around it its own interpretation.  This kind of approach does not presume particular music wealth, and the songs are accommodated under the three minutes long format. BEST OF the riffs according TORMENTRESS includes the names: SODOM, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, METALLICA, OVERKILL, VIO-LENCE. I could point the names of the tracks as well, but this is not necessary because „Operation Tormenthas its own charm. The girls were not embarrassed to touch some other riffs of the bands working in other sub-genders of metal like CANDLEMASS and EXPLOITED.

The aggressive whistling vocals of Neezie „unfoldin maximum 3 tones in a track – a performance that is as much as poor as a cult. The sound of the album had emphasized middle frequencies, and reminds a lot many times re-recorded cassette or the early demos of the European thrash archetypes. The cover song of KREATOR „Tormentoris such a reference, and it is not changed except the vocals. Although the decisions for such cult sound the band definitely has to think for a better production in its future recordings!

TORMENTRESS had grown up from its fan’s inventions to full length debut but they did not overgrow them. The pleasant artwork and the metal logo pack an unripe work. But with clear conscience I can recommend these girls to all thrash maniacs. 

01. Intro
Trash & Torment
The Great Oppression
06. S
even Feet Under
Infinite Oneness
Dead At 27
No Remorse
Materialistic War
12. Tormentor
Label: Infernö Records
Distribution: Infernö Records
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 29 December, 2014
Website: Tormentress @ Facebook