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Prophetic Deceiver
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 21 October, 2014
Playing time: 36:19

At the time of their foundation (2007), TORMENTER are amongst the later bands of the new wave of the American thrash metal. Respectively we were yet waiting for their ripe albums. The wait is over for the first by them!

The taste of the Californian quartet toward the riffs did not change a lot, but the music and vocal development of the boys is hearable. On their debut album „Pulse of Terror“ (2010) they placed a serious order, but the chaos dominated, and the punk had a significant part in their music. Their new album is a pure thrash metal album.

Wonderful acoustic guitar leads us to the album reminding us the works ofEXODUS, TESTAMENT and KREATOR, when they achieved their virtuosity. In fact TORMENTER have always more affinity to METALLICA, and in this more precise playing this component could be heard easier. The taste for melody is sharper, and each song has its mood and offers a different version in technique and music. The greatest development is the singing of Jahir Funes. With the music he gained a taste for the melodies of the songs, and at the same time he has kept his aggressive technique and pure anger. In a coming up position with BONDED BY BLOOD or FUELED BY FIRE (for instance) his voice makes the distance very narrow, and on his own he is in a leader position! The lower register touches the old-school death metal gender, but gives a real contemporary sound of thrash metal. The songs are fast shots, each of them with its own sound and identity. The acoustic parts and bass solos catch my attention. The slow parts don't just pass by; they enrich the arsenal of the band. In such a way goes the final calmer track that carries the sentence of doom and a musical memory for the instrumentals of METALLICA.

Sharp riffs and aggressive vocals in combination with clear melodically line and brilliant solos – TORMENTER surprises us pleasantly at the end of the year. Please remind me who else has done the same!?!

01. Snakes in the Throne Room
Hanging from a Noose
Prophetic DeceiverSong
Exile From Flesh
Critical Stasis
The Final Form
Cosmic Collapse
Label: EBM Records
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 19 December, 2014
Website: Tormenter @ Facebook