Power of Metal.dk Review

Only the Strong - Deluxe Re-issue
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 13 May, 2014
Playing time: 76:00

I saw Rockbitch a couple of times in the past. Need I saw that I didn't come for the music? They actually didn't play THAT bad, but at the same time, there are around one zillion bands better than them out there. I'm thinking that the same must have applied to Canadian testoterone phenomenon Thor. It couldn't POSSIBLY have been for the music and in particular Jon Mikl Thor's voice people showed up at their shows.

I know, I know, some of you will say 'but you're an old fart, Thomas, you must've listened to it back then!'. No, I didn't. I remember having seen the covers, but it was one of those bands I didn't check out. I suppose my hunger was bigger for heavy metal around 1986/1987/88 when I began listening to metal, i.e. a couple of years after the release of 'Only the Strong', and I can't deny that I MIGHT have liked it back then. But I can tell you for sure that I don't today.

There are hints of Iron Maiden and other good acts in the music of Thor, but a great singer the former bodybuilder certainly isn't. Not even the so-called hits of the album, Thunder on the Thundra and Let the Blood Run Red (apparently reached high chart positions in the UK) manage to capture and the rest is really just mediocre or bad.

The biggest Spinal Tap moment is the demo Ride Away from You. I can't figure out if it's a joke, seriously. There has to be a law against something like that.

The two live tracks suck big time soundwise. You can't tell what's going on at all, basically.

The accompanying DVD is entertaining. At some stage you want to turn of the sound, but nevermind that; seeing this broad-breasted muscle beast wander around stage, flanked by the equally big-titted backing singer, Pantera, and the guitarist and bassist with their much too tight spandex, yielding hammers, swords, inflating hot-water bottles until they burst, bending steel bars with his teeth and what not. This is hilarious in all its cheesiness.

Much to my bafflement, the internet tells me that Thor is still around. More power to them. This just proves that entertainment can be stronger than musical talent. I'm glad that I've been confirmed in my intuition back then; Thor really isn't my thing.

01. 2045
02. Only The Strong
03. Start Raising Hell
04. Knock 'Em Down
05. Let The Blood Run Red
06. When Gods Collide
07. Rock The City
08. Now Comes The Storm
09. Thunder On The Tundra
10. Hot Flames
11. Ride Of The Chariots

Bonus tracks from The Edge of Hell
12. Wild Life
13. Steal Your Thunder
14. Energy
15. We Live to Rock

16. All Evil In My Path (1983)
17. Forever And After (1982)
18. Anger Is My Middle Name(1981)
19. I Am ThunderHawk (1986)
20. Ride Away From You (1981)
Live In England 1984
21. Lightning Strikes
22. Thunder On The Tundra

DVD: Only The Strongest World Tour
Marquee, London, 1984
Lightning Strikes
Ride Of The Chariots
Show Of Strength - Super Lung
When Gods Collide
Let The Blood Run Red
Great Yarmouth Festival 1984
Gladiators Battle (Smash The Bricks)
Connecticut 1983
Electric Eyes
New York 1983
Show Of Strength - Secret Of The Steel
New York 1982
Show Of Strength - Super Lung
Washington DC 1982
Atomic Vibrations (Behind The Mask)
Great Yarmouth Festival 1984
Thunder On The Tundra
Vancouver, Canada 1984
When Gods Collide
United Kingdom 1984
UK Tour & Tour Bus Antics
Label: Cleopatra Records Inc.
Promotion: Glass Onyon PR
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 22 June, 2014
Website: www.thorcentral.com