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The Suffocating Darkness
Style: Black/Death Metal
Release date: 17 November, 2014
Playing time: 50:12

The gang from Netherlands that is made by musicians who play and who had played in long lists of bands, gathers because of their common inspiration and reference to BATHORY, VENOM & CELTIC FROST. Their multitude of engagements has made of SOULBURN a band with a long period of silence. Between their debut album and the contemporary one had passed 16 years. But the idea survived! Some changes in the line up did not change the concept! We should mention that from the contemporary point of view the strongest blood bonds of the band are with ASPHYX and GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT.

„The Suffocating Darkness“ is marked with high quality. The band has achieved this that declares as a reason for its existence. 60% BATHORY, 20% CELTIC FROST and 10% VENOM are melted in a monolithic alloy of a metal tornado. If the mathematics is your fondness, you will notice that around 10% are lost. These are melted in the best from the Netherlands death metal scene, and of course – in ASPHYX and GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT.

Winds bring a symphonic introduction to open the door to hell. In comparison to „Feeding on Angels“ `98 the new material of SOULBURN is with sharper sound. Special merit for this has the new voice of the band – Twan van Geel (FLESH MADE SIN, BUNKUR, LEGION OF THE DAMNED), whose hysteric screams are enriched with echo (perhaps even more than the necessary) in a classic manner of the 90’es. The guitar sound also is with more high frequencies and black metal manner but without loosing its moderate affinity to riff. The music is more diverse, and in the different songs the influences are mixed in different proportions that make the album pleasant for listening. And if the album begins with more reverence to BATHORY, then you can find in it the Asphyx-doom song „I Do Not Bleed From Your Crown of Thorns“ or songs where the works of VENOM and CELTIC FROST are more evident (It would be more interesting for you to find them on your own!).

The collaboration between active musicians not always gives satisfactory result but in the scene of Netherlands nothing happens by accident. This remarkable album is a reverence for the classic bands but it also sounds in a contemporary way. The classic metal harmonies are dressed in complex arrangements with changes of the tempo. Death metal looks in at black/thrash/doom pad. The stamp of BATHORY makes the final sketch with the windy Vikings’ epilogue of the album „The Suffocating Darkness“.

01. Apotheosis Infernali (Intro)
Under The Rise Of A Red Moon
The Mirror Void
In Suffocating Darkness
Hymn of The Forsaken II
Black Aura
I Do Not Bleed From Your Crown Of Thorns
Wielding Death
Claws Of Tribulation
Eden's Last Sign (Outro)
Label: Century Media
Distribution: Universal (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 16 November, 2014
Website: Soulburn @ Facebook