Power of Metal.dk Review

Death's Crown is Victory
Style: Doom
Release date: 10 February, 2014
Playing time: 26:04

It has been a 16 years period of silence and suddenly there is an EP of legendary doom band Solstice. Candlemass, Trouble and Solitude Aeturnus are always mentioned when they talk about the founders of the doom genre, but this Solstice should be added to the list also.

With only 4 songs of which 2 are instrumentals, we are not really spoiled, but fortunately the 2 tracks with vocals are over 9 minutes long. New singer Paul Kearn has an epic and very powerful sounding voice. The instrumental opener has some Maiden influences after which the song "I Am the Hunter" shows the style we know from the past. Epic sounding doom, with great riffs. I would describe their music as a 50/50 mix of Trouble and Candlemass doom and a NWOBHM sauce. Fans of their early work, will be pleased with this EP. The only thing you have to live with is that the full length album will take some time, meanwhile you have to get by with this EP.

01. Fortress England
I Am the Hunter
Death's Crown is Victory
Aequinoctium II


Label: Into the Void Records
Distribution: Invictus Productions
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 23 February, 2014
Website: Solstice @ Facebook