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Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord
Style: Prog Folk Metal
Release date: 27 October, 2014
Playing time: 36:37

Solefald's follower to Norrøn Livskunst (2010), the newly released Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord, is a rather short but no less epic record, in which the founding duo's visionary sense of music binds to the roots of the music that inspired their musical career, also digging this time more than ever into the legacy of their ancestors, accompanied by the most adequate guests.
 For the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord celebrates Norwegian nature,
cultural history, language and traditional music in an experimental way where the band's beloved sixties progressive rock, electro, noise and folk music complete each other elegantly in this new masterpiece of modern metal.
excel once more to transcend their personal musical tastes and deliver remarkable originality. There is however a slight longing on Kosmopolis Nord that for the moment doesn't fulfill my experience, but that might be appreciated as a contrast to Solefald's further plans.
 Indeed, as Solefald have done earlier with the An Icelandic Odyssey diptyque, Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord is one side of this new work of art
. Its counterpart, World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud, will be released before next solstice. Its first hymn is already available on Solefald's website (Facebook).

Side A
. Norrønaprogen
II. Det siste Landskap (An Icelandic Odyssey Part Iv)
III. Norskdom

Side B
(Solefald Vs. Sturmgeist & The Fall of Rome)
. Norrøna: Ljodet som ljoma
V. Vargen

Label: Indie Recordings
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: 24 December, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/Solefald