Power of Metal.dk Review

Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators
World on Fire
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 15 September, 2014
Playing time: 77:33

If the former Guns Ní Roses legendary guitarist Slash put his bags together with the strong front man Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge and bring a new band named The Conspirators into the spotlight it sounds extremely exiting. Todd Kerns - bass, Brent Fitz on drums and Frank Sidoris is the second guitar player. This is apparently the second album from this line up. The previous album 'Apocalyptic Love' came in 2012 and flew under my radar.

This new album 'World on Fire' contains seventeen! songs and they deliver far over one hour of stiff and smoky rock n roll. An giant smorgasboard of songs. This is a musical marathon journey through heaven and hell and with angels and devils on your shoulders. The title track opens the album up and 'World On Fire' is the BIG song on the album and it feels fresh and very alert. Big doses of the old GnR sound. Myles is a tremendous vocalist and drives up the pace and he seems to enjoy to sing this song. The slower and dirtier rock anthem 'Shadow Life' is groovy song with nice chorus and pleasant guitar riffs from Slash. Full throttle rock n roll is what 'Automatic Overdrive' is about and Myles shines and glows in this song and is a perfect car driving track when you are on the highway.

'Wicked Stone' and '30 Years to Life' is two of the strongest tracks on the album with very cool guitars and solid drumming. The slow ballad 'Bent to Fly' brakes the tempo off a bit and feels true and emotional. I skip in the playlist to the cool song 'Beneath the Savage Sun' with exciting and heavy rhythms. Magnificent vocals and strong guitars in the heaviest track on the album. The following track 'Withered Delilah' is also one of the song I'll save to the future. Slash plays like in the good old days in this song.

It feels quite lame and boring in some of the middle songs and maybe the idea with a 17 tracks album was a safety action to adapt the disc to a wider public. 'Battleground' is a seven minutes sleeping pill. If we jump to 'Dirty Girl' it gets more dusty and rougher again with catchy guitars and I have to say that Myles is the savior of this album. In 'Iris of the Storm' and 'Avalon' Slash shines off with awesome guitar shredding and they are the best tracks with the string legend in the front row. One of my personal favourite songs is 'The Dissident' with cleaner sound and melodic choruses. This album needed several turns to stick in my head such as the track 'Safari Inn' which is an epic instrumental song. The final track 'The Unholy' is the heavy rock tune and the journey stops with a little yawn.

I feel fragmented facing the grading of 'World on Fire'. It have it heights and it lows, but I have to give it a high OK score, most credit is due to Kenndy's singing and of course Slash high quality contributions. He has a own and unique guitar sound, but they could have left 5-6 tracks behind.

A strong album and one of the best Slash disc's I've heard since GnR.

01. World On Fire
Shadow Life
Automatic Overdrive
Wicked Stone
30 Years to Life
Bent to Fly
Stone Blind
Too Far Gone
09. Beneath the Savage Sun
10. Withered Delilah
11. Battleground
12. Dirty Girl
Iris of the Storm
14. Avalon
15. The Dissident
16. Safari Inn
17. The Unholy
Label: Warner Music
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 79/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 9 October, 2014
Website: slashonline.com