Power of Metal.dk Review

Future Negative Fantasy
Style: U.S. Power Metal
Release date: 24 February, 2014
Playing time: 55:41

An American Power metal band with Carlos Alvarez (guitars, keyboards, additional vocals), George Eliassen (vocals), Jason Fox (bass) and Jason Fraticell/Jay Horvath dividing the drums. The album was recorded back in 2012 and has been available as download since then. Besides that there is also some guest musicians on the album. No idea why it took that long to find a record company to release a real hardcopy. It sure can't be the music because this album really rocks.

The first thing that strikes me is the heavy guitar sound; the riffs really explode out of the boxes. Some might say that they are mixed too far up front, but I like it. Another positive point is the bass lines; they give the songs a nice drive. What makes the album even better is the excellent singing of George. Perhaps his singing could have been mixed a little bit more on top of the music, but that's just a little remark for the next album. George has a powerful voice sounding a bit like Bruce Dickinson and he sure deserves it to shine more. After the first spin I was quite impressed by the entire album and that doesn't happen to me a lot lately.

The music is heavy and dark, yet melodic and with nice vocal parts and choruses. Besides the heavy riffs, guitarist Carlos Alvarez also produces beautiful soli. The heavy riffing songs are varied with slower more serene emotional ones like "Moonlight Tight". If you mix elements of Iced Earth, Mystic Prophecy, Savatage, Helstar, Destiny's End, Future's End, Brainstorm and Nevermore you could get something like Shadowdance.

If the band had hired a professional producer/mixer the rating would've been even be higher. Fans of the bands mentioned above have to check this out.

01. Neon Abyss
All or Nothing
Star at the Sun
Moonlight Tight
Walk With Fate
One More Taste
Future Negative Fantasy
Label: Rock it Up Records
Distribution: Rock it Up Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 27 February, 2014
Website: www.shadowdance.bandcamp.com