Power of Metal.dk Review

Shadow Host
Apocalyptic Symphony
Style: Bay Area Thrash/Speed/Power
Release date: 27 December, 2013
Playing time: 51:00

My first acquaitance with this Russian band is a very pleasant one. They already started in 1993 and this is their fifth full length. From start to finish it is like being back in the nineties. It all sounds so familiar and recognizable, but with a very modern production. Sometimes that is a big problem because it lacks originality, but not with this album. I indeed don't think there will be a lot of original riffs, notes or rhymns on this album, but it all sounds so nice.

The songs are based on music bands like early Artillery, Testament, Forbidden and Metallica used to play, but Shadow Host also adds some power metal parts, like for example in "Divide and Rule" where Blind Guardian influences lay on top. Their vocalist Alexey Markov sounds a bit like a mix of Hansi and Chuck and has a perfect voice for this style of music. One of my personal favorites is "Blinded By Greed", with gang-shouting and riffs that could have been written by Artillery. The album is one big riff attack from start to finish, only the ballad "Seeds of Sorrow" gives you some rest.

If bands like Evile, Warbringer and all the other so called new wave of thrash bands are gaining popularity, I'm sure that this Shadow Host will follow if they get the right promotion. I dare to say that this album is even better than most of the new albums by these bands. Especially Artillery fans should CHECK THIS OUT! For me this is the unexpected surprise of this year so far.

01. Lunacy Divine
Blinded By Greed
Empty Eyes
Silent Killing
Guardians of the Wretched
Divide and Rule
08. Reborn in Hate

9. Seeds of Sorrow
10. Apocalypse Within
Label: Metalism Records
Distribution: Clawhammer PR
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 26 March, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/shadowhostband