Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Blues-based Metal
Release date: 18 February, 2014
Playing time: 46:51

Blues based metal that is more bluesy than metal, blending the two in an interesting way that few others do without sounding like a grunge band.

The guitar work is of particular note - a tone and range of technique that in blues based bands is becoming much rarer. A very good mix.

What is also of note are the vocals, in some ways good in others not so good. I mean they're not out of tune or anything silly - it's rather because in a few places on the album the vocal style doesn't seem to fit. Without wanting to sound patronising, it sounds a little 'young' in places where it needs to be older. If you take an example, the songs 'Bittersweet Seduction' and my personal favourite 'Broken' are both musically and vocally matched very well - the tone and melancholy nature of the latter in particular could not, in my opinion, be sang any other way and sound as good.

This is the style throughout the album and where everything else changes and mixes things around in very interesting ways, the vocals remain the same and consequently in some places they appear to lack enthusiasm. 'Let It Out' is perhaps a good example of how to demonstrate this, with the cleaner parts of the chorus coming together very well but the singing in the heavier verse parts not adapting to suit the

I don't think this will hold them back at all. This is Seventrain's first offering - there's room to grow into their sound and adapt accordingly and on other occasions throughout the album where everything does come together it really has hard hitting power.

Like I said, the ancient problem with the blues or a blues based genre - particularly the guitars - is that it can become very repetitive if it's allowed to. Seventrain do not allow that to happen - that's probably the hardest obstacle, and they conquered on their first album. They are touring in the USA this summer. If the train makes it across to Europe I'm there.

01. Bleeding
Rays Of The Sun
Bittersweet Seduction
How Does It Feel?
Carry The Cross
11. Let It Out
Label: So Cal Records
Distribution: Alliance Entertainment
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 10 March, 2014
Website: Seventrain @ Facebook