Power of Metal.dk Review

Stacked Up XX
Style: Hip Hop/Electronica/Metal
Release date: 17 November, 2014
Playing time: 84 + 77 mins

Aaah, the memories. Thinking back, the fondest association to Senser's 'Stacked Up' was a road trip in Scotland when we were students with my wife, her younger brother and his girlfriend at the time. In a village not far from Eileen Donan Castle, my brother-in-law and I got in the car to drive to the nearest place where you could find food, and it was rolled down windows, three times through the same roundabouts, being plain silly and turning up the song What's Going On to the max on the pathetic stereo in the rented car. Good times, needless to say. I didn't hesitate to volunteer for the review when I saw Senser was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album - I mean, after all, this was a very cool album.

My friends, time does deceive. It cloaks the mind and makes you forget.

What I had repressed came back to me the first time I listened to 'Stacked Up XX' again after a number of years. I suddenly remembered that I very, very rarely listened to the entire album back then. Fact is that aforementioned by far is the coolest song of the album. It has a wonderful groove and energy. It really takes you somewhere. The openening song, States of Mind is also good, and kind of lets you know that this is a fusion of genres - which is cool! With The Key things die out a bit, but luckily Age Of Panic picks up and is the second best cut of the album. Then What's Going On.

From there on, the album is really a rocky ride of not-so-great tunes. Alright, it becomes boring from there on, to be quite frank. The two songs Eject and No Comply raise themselves slightly above the surface, but otherwise the remaining songs are flat or, in the case of Door Game, sound more like a Nintendo game.

In their joy of celebrating past victories, Senser have adorned this release with a bonus disc consisting of remixes. We all have our tastes, but remixes have rarely adding much to the originals and this is also the case. For me, the bonus disc is really as waste of disc space. If you disagree, well, then more power to you.

If you're curious about the sound revolutions of the mid-nineties, then I'd encourage you to try 'Stacked Up XX'. If you are someone who enjoyed parts of what Senser did back then, I'd advise you to consider how you spend your pocket money.

Disc I
01 States Of Mind
02 The Key
03 Switch
04 Age Of Panic
05 What's Going On
06 One Touch One Bounce
07 Stubborn
08 Door Game
09 Peanut Head
10 Peace
11 Eject
12 No Comply
13 Worth

Disc II
01 Age Of Panic (Git-O-Rama Mix)
02 Twice As
03 Tin Can Hurricane
04 Fast Song
05 States Of Mind - Fusewire Remix
06 Age Of Panic (The Sick Man Remix)
07 Eject (Over Zealous Mix)
08 Switch (Depth Charge First Venom Mix)
09 The Key (Liquid Lunch Mix)
10 Door Game - (Phut Demo)
11 Age Of Panic (Eat Static Saturated Slug Mix)
Label: Self released
Promotion: Hold Tight PR
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 29 November, 2014
Website: Senser @fb