Power of Metal.dk Review

Savage Machine
Through the Iron Forest
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 6 September, 2014
Playing time: 26:00

A new band from Denmark? Yes and no, a new name, but with almost every member of a band formely known as Momentum. Vocalist Troels Rasmussen, guitarist Jacob v.d. Bruun, guitarist Simon Kalmar Poulson and drummer Martin Helbo also participated in that band, the only new member is Nils Petersen on bass. In 2012 I already reviewed the EP by Momentum called 'A World in Ruins', which was an o.k. release, but without a face of it's own. The Iron Maiden influences were rather up front and I was very curious if that style had changed along with a new name?

The first tunes of the intro called "Dawn" immediately make me think of the band Iron Maiden again because of the twin guitars that isn't altered with the first tunes of the song "Iron Forest", reminding indeed of the early 80's. But it wouldn't be fair and right only to serve them of as an Iron Maiden clone. Other styles from eighties bands are embedded in their style as well. The first thing that strikes me is the voice of singer Troels Rasmussen. On the Momentum EP he sounded a bit rawer and with less high extractions. His voice altered quite a bit and he now sounds a lot like Hell vocalist David Bower. With the faster third song "Fifth Computerworld" that comparison is underlined and then the track sounds a lot like a Hell song. "The Easy Way Out" starts with a singing part by Troels Rasmussen in which he sounds a bit like Bruce Dickinson, but then his more aggressive style appears and then the names of David Bower and Hansi Kürsch enter my mind. This fourth song is a slower track which sounds a bit dramatic. "Prisoner of War" is much faster and has a heavy riff and again the singing style put a strong Hell sauce on it. Near the end the song starts to sound a bit heroic in a kind of battle metal style.

"The Final March" has a slow tempo and pattern that sounds very familiar, but I can't put my finger on it where I have heard it before. Halfway I almost lost interest, but fortunately then the band fastens up the tempo. Fans of eighties heavy metal with a modern sound that like the style of Iron Maiden and fans of Hell will find something here they'd like for sure.

01. Dawn
Iron Forest
Fifth Computerworld
The Easy Way Out
Prisoners of War
The Final March
Label: Independent
Distribution: shout@savage-machine.com
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 27 September, 2014
Website: www.savage-machine.com