Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 15 May, 2014
Playing time: 37:02

Two years have passed since I heard anything new (studio work) from the war metal heroes from Borlänge, Sweden. Sabaton's 'Carolus Rex' was a magnificent theme album and this time they have named their album 'Heroes'. (Sabaton released a live album in 2013 called 'Swedish Empire Live'). 'Heroes' is once again a concept based album on different historical happenings from 20th century wars and battles, telling fascinating stories about heroic men and women on their dangerous missions on the battlefields and other belligerent locations.

Well, talking about real heroes - the song 'Inmate 4859' is about the brave Polish soldier Witold Pilecki, who voluntarily entered as an inmate in concentration camp Auschwitz when he wanted to get evidences of the horrors and mass murders that were taking place inside the district of doom! I feel that Sabaton has gone back to the old classic Sabaton sound. Sharp guitars and even more power in the sound. Jocke Brodén is the given front man in Sabaton with his strong vocals and machine gun voice. 'Night Witches' was the German's name of the Soviet female pilots during WW2. Same lyrical theme as always, same war and same glory power metal. Brodén, Sundström and co. have done it again. A stiff war metal album with three new members Chris Rörland, Thobbe Englund and Hannes Van Dahl.

I was little worried that Sabaton could loose their powerful wall of sound and that their machine efficiency when 3 of 5 members decide to start 'Civil War', but after my first listening of 'Heroes', I am prepared to say that this is probably the best album they have released and it is comparable with the great 'Art of War' from 2008. Fewer big hits but more depth and heavier power metal. The guitars are razor sharp and the drumming is excellent. They remain faithful to their own war inspired genre and lyrically, they find new angles and stories from WW2. Even the unusual low-keyed song 'The Ballad Of Bull' keeps my interest to the end.

'Resist and Bite' and 'Far from the Fame' are two top-notch tracks with classic Sabaton groove and magic guitars. The closing song 'Hearts Of Iron' is a worthy end of this metal knock-out.

Jocke is the captain, who roars the orders and drives this musical battle tank further out on the war field. If you are a Sabaton fan, you don't have to hesitate about this investment.

My camouflage pants will be on and my military boots will be plastered to the next live gig with Sabaton!

Sabaton Lineup:
Hannes Van Dahl – Drums
Joakim Brodén – Lead Vocals
Pär Sundström – Bass
Thobbe Englund – Lead Guitar
Chris Rörland – Lead Guitar

01. Night Witches
No Bullets Fly
Smoking Snakes
Inmate 4859
To Hell And Back
The Ballad of Bull
Resist And Bite
Soldier of 3 Armies
Far From The Fame
Hearts of Iron
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 94/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 11 May, 2014
Website: www.sabaton.net