Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 9 September, 2013
Playing time: 61:13

It takes quite a bit of talent and energy to win me over to an instrumental album. This is not because I'm close-minded or that I can't appreciate pure instrumentation. It's because most instrumental bands lack purpose, personality, and an interesting angle on music. I'm pleased to say, however, that Relocator's debut album "Relocator" (re-released by Generation Prog Records in 2013) is definitely not your normal instrumental album.

The reason for this is that the band has real personality. It comes through in their vibe, in their resistance to showboating, and in their focus on great layering. Right off the bat, "Red Vibes" gives us a hint about this with its pleasing keys, awesome bass, and its somehow "rockin" violin. You see, the band has a winning combination. The album features a real diversity of sound layers. Deep, dynamic bass combines with a folksy violin, unique and catchy keys, appropriately proficient drumming, and incredible guitar work. All of the instruments have various tones, from heavy and technical to light and melodic.

Yes, it's a real winner of a combination. It puts the band's funky personality on display rather well. Instead of boring, pretentious shows of skill, we get REAL songwriting that is executed with skill. Instead of a race to see how many beats per second can be accomplished, Relocator focuses more on the experience and a structure that works.

I'd say that their is definitely a 90's vibe to the music. There definitely is a Liquid Tension Experiment influence here, but all of this is okay with me. I'm a sucker for 90's-style keys (Frost*, anyone?), and I believe Relocator pulls it off with style and absolutely no cheese.

So, from the funk of "Red Vibes" and "Biosphere" to the slightly darker "Aavishkar" to the folksy "The Alchemist", Relocator has crafted a debut album full of twists and turns, personality and diversity, skill and funk. It's quite a trip, and it should definitely be on your list whether you prefer instrumental prog or not.

01. Red Vibes (6:15)
02. Biosphere (8:02)
03. Relocator (5:26)
04. Proxima (6:18)
05. Aavishkar (10:32)
06. 13 Reasons (6:33)
07. Urban Blue (6:35)
08. The Alchemist (11:32)
Label: Generation Prog Records
Distribution: Generation Prog Records
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 29 January, 2014
Website: www.relocator-project.com