Power of Metal.dk Review

...Honor is All We Know
Style: Punkrock
Release date: 27 October, 2014
Playing time: 32:45

The 8th album by this punkrock band and one that sticks perfectly in their anthology. Fans of the band do not expect anything else from the band. Catchy melodic punk songs with everything in it the band is known for. The gang singing parts, some ska influences and the typical lazy singing style of bandleader Tim Armstrong sounds very familiar.

On the entire album there is nothing new and different than what they did on the other albums and that is the weak spot. It doesn't sound very inspiring, but more like a band on repeat with new tracks sounding like old Rancid songs. There are no songs on this album that make the same impression on me like older tracks like "Time Bomb" or "Ruby Soho". Therefore it all sounds too safe like playing on automatic pilot. Sure there are some songs that will make the crowd going, but that's about it. Even faster tracks like "Now We're Through With You" and the heaviest track "Grave Digger" can't win me over to give them a higher rating.

An album on automatic pilot without anything new or different, but perhaps that was just the band's intention?

01. Back Where I Belong
Raise Your Fist
Collision Course
Evil's My Friend
Honor I All We Know
A Power Inside
In the Streets
Face Up
09. Already Dead
10. Diabolical
11. Malfunction
12. Now We're Through With You
13. Everybody's Sufferin'
14. Grave Digger
Label: Epitaph
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 7 November, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/rancid